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As that argument was happening queen popped up again deciding to stay. " ALRIGHT EVERYONE CALM DOWN , JESUS !!" she screamed making everyone jump .

" oh fiesty-" deidara got kicked in the head by her . "Ok who introducing next . " f-hinata smiled politely making everyone awed and she blush .

" she's so adorable . " p-ino said . Making p-hinata blush . " ..... Did anyone notice queen shirt tho," p-gaara pointed out . "..... W-whoa , okay" neji blushed.

This is how the shirt is :

If it ain't nejiten

I dont want it *has a drake rejection face inserted*

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I dont want it
*has a drake rejection face inserted*

In small prints you could see (unless its naruhina , sasusaku, shikatema, borsara , gaarmatsuri , shinsamui , kibamaki)

*back to story *

" wow.....I'm e-embarrassed ." p-neji blushed and covered his face . " can I have one of those shirts ." tamaki asked as queen nodded and it appeared on her . "oh me too, me too." Himawari asked excitedly so I gave her one .

" yayyyy!!" She cheered . " actually I'm the one who's supposed to be embarrassed ,. " teenage ten ten pointed at the shirt and groaned .

Queen made the akatuski wear the shirt too ." okay back to introducing each other since the hinatas woke up" Queen said as she floated on a golden rainbow cloud .

"Oh wait how can I forget!!!" Queen screamed making everyone Panick . she circled her arms quickly that smoked started appearing in the air and jiraiya popped out . " ouch wasn't I just with minat- what on earth!!!" jiraiya screamed as he seen too many familiar faces .

" why hello there , jiraya-sensei ." queen smiled . " oh I remember you ... I forgot where but I remember you. " he pointed out . Next thing you know he was getting hugged by f-naruto and teenage naruto. " ah! My boys . long time no see." Jiraya smiled as Queen sniffled .

" OK jiraya sit next to tsunade-sama anddd fudge . boruto and hima can you please introduce your self to jiraya . " queen smirked as the children nodded there head . As the uzumaki children introduce themselves jiraya cheered.

" wait why isn't kushina and minato here?" Jiraya asked . " grandma and grandpa!" himawari said.

" because I will flood this place with my tears if I do so and guess who gonna be drowning all of you except shark boy . now I'll have a meet up with them later so let's continue . who's next.... Inojin let's go . " queen dragged him to the front of everyone . " what's the gender , if ya dear ?" Queen asked as all said girl while sai said boy .

" everyone is wrong I'm a boy except dad . " inojin said as he took his ukata*spelt that so wrong* off to show his normal clothes and put his hair back into a two ponytails .

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