Chapter 14 - Sam

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Sam’s POV

The first thing that comes into my mind is, how the fuck does she know French? Second, werewolves are so demanding. 

I close the door with a sigh. Should I even meet her on Wednesday? I am curious why we look alike but not that curious. I mean, I heard that there are 7 people in this world that would look exactly like you. Can’t she just accept that fact?

Does she have to appear on someone’s doorstep, ask when that someone’s father passed away and then call that someone a coward? No, I have other responsibilities. I have a coven to take care of.

She? I bet she is an omega, the lowest rank in the pack based on my observation. Papa had taught me to identify werewolves with rank so I know that Jake is an alpha and Garret is his beta. It makes me wonder, how does an omega like her is able to date an alpha and beta? It is obvious that the alpha and beta care for her, or maybe even love her. Who loves a slut? Apparently they do.

I know papa asked me to look for the one who abandoned us, but what is the use? What if she doesn’t accept me? It will all turn out to be a huge waste of my time.

At least spying her pack has some good in it. This means Marcy’s going to keep closer eye on me.

It’s already dark outside. I start to miss Jacques and Isabeau. To be honest, I miss everyone, including papa. Why did he have to die?

I feel my throat aching for blood. I sigh again. I can’t go out at this time; it’s too dangerous knowing that werewolves live here too.

It looks like I have to start drinking from blood bags. Ew, I hate blood bags. Even if it is convenient, it is cold and tasteless. At least it will satisfy my thirst.

I take out a blood bag from the refrigerator. Thank God Jacques made me pack a few blood bags before I left Paris. I drink half of the cold blood bag and store it back into a fridge. I can feel my eyes turning red. After all, the blood bag consist human blood and I don’t have much of a choice.

The next few days pass quickly. Marcy was absent during those days and you can’t miss the glare Jake and Garret gave to me. George and I are getting closer, which worries the werewolves even further. They interact with humans so why can’t vampires too? There’s no law about not talking to humans.

In school, Lexi has practically forced everyone to call her putain which makes George and I laugh even harder at her stupidity. Luckily, she has not come into my way yet.

Jacques called me everyday to keep my updated on the coven since Aunt Zoë is busy. He told me that the other two coven’s leaders are slaughtered along with one of the coven’s future leader. Now there are two future leaders left in the coven, me and a guy named Marc. Aunt Zoë made a deal with him that I’ll be the next leader of the coven but he will be my helper. Jacques has also informed me that Aunt Zoë is training everyone, pushing them to their limits.

I didn’t tell Jacques or anyone in the coven that I’m living in a werewolf’s territory. I don’t want them to go all over-protective on me.

I wake up extra early on Wednesday. Jacques didn’t have to wake me up today because I’m feeling nervous to meet Marcy again. I wonder what kind of conclusion she is coming up with.

I put on a black t-shirt with a Harley Davidson logo on it, skinny jeans and a pair of black converse. Damn, I have too many converse shoes but who cares? They’re my favorite!

I walk to school as usual. I see Marcy once in awhile glancing at me, as if trying to figure out whether I'll meet her later. I completely ignore her and try to concentrate in school. George offers me his brother's old scrambler that he is about to throw away with a very cheap price. I gladly accept it. At least I don't need to use a taxi anymore. After school, I follow George to his house so I can check out the scrambler. His mother invites me in, thinking that I am George's girlfriend. She is so happy to know that George has finally made a friend. It is a good thing his dad isn't home because George warns me that he's going to thank me a lot for straightening his son, which is untrue.

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