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Hi all,

I am a married woman from India. Currently my husband is posted in Bombay (Mumbai). I am married for last 3 years and we do not have kids yet. I am happy that way and I don't feel bad at all about that. I love my privacy and my freedom. My husband knows that well. I think we in India, still make a lot of brouhaha about being married and making friends from other sex. It's just a sin. I really do not understand that. If I like a good looking guy, what's the harm in sipping a cup of coffee with him in a quiet restaurant, knowing a few things about him, having a breezy friendship. But, I think, even a lot of guys take this initiative in some other way. They take me as the famous Indian desperate housewife, who is dying to be in bed with them. So, sometimes when I come across such people - I don't mind teaching them a lesson or two.

So this is what happened a few months back. I was alone at home as usual and there was nothing interesting on T.V. I was just thinking of ordering a few romantic film C.D.s from the video library and the door bell rang. We have a very efficient security in our building so there wasn't any fear as such. But, I did check through the peep hole of the door. There was a smart handsome young man out there. To be honest, I missed my heart beat. I opened the door a little and asked him who was he. He answered he was a student and he was on a fund raising mission. I took him inside the house and demanded for his college I card. After checking it, I realized he was a genuine person. I told him to sit, and I went inside kitchen to get water for him as we do in India.

The moment I turned my back on him, I felt something really lightning behind my back. I felt the heat passing through my body. I realized that the boy was totally smitten by me and he was completely checking me out from behind. His gaze was just strolling on my body and I could feel that. A lot of men don't understand that us, women have a special sense in our body to understand their body language and what is going on in their minds. And honestly it is not very difficult to understand as most boys are just interested in one thing. I am not complaining but.

So, I decided to take it a little further. So I sat in from of him and started asking things about his college life, extra activities and girl-friends etc. Now, all the girls there, you have to use this conversation very carefully. If you think that the boy is fighting with words and is not comfortable because of the naughty thoughts in his mind, just go ahead and be aggressive. He will give up and will be totally in your control. If not - the whole thing will be a spoilt experience. So as I started being more personal - he started blushing. Now the situation was total in my control. So here was my next step. I said, "Isn't it too hot today. Why don't you remove your shirt and relax. There is no body at home." He eyes just popped out. He couldn't believe his luck. I said I will bring some milk for him. Now you have to understand that 'Milk' for an Indian man holds a lot of value and purposes. So the poor boy was just planning so many things in his mind. I went in and prepared a glass of milk. I glanced out in living room. He was there, bare chested. His physique wasn't bad at all. He was fair. Nearly 5-9". Not bad. I like men who stay fit and natural, not like the film stars who wax and tone up their bodies. But I controlled my self. I came out, I could see the 'what next' in his eyes. And without showing the courage I gathered in my mind, I said, "You can take out your pants too. There is no body at home." He could have died there. He just jumped out of the pair of jeans he was wearing. It was so funny, as if there was a cockroach inside.

I said I will be back with his milk. Here, I will tell you one thing that I was also feeling a little excited and I was enjoying all this. But, I had to teach him a lesson for taking me for granted. So I said loudly, "Close your eyes. Here I am."

Poor guy. I just die laughing, even today I remember his face going pale. A man in his undergarments, totally shocked. I still have the photo, I clicked the moment I stepped in the living room and he opened his eyes. I keep it hidden because that is one thing I can't explain to my husband.

Hope to meet you all with new experiences soon.

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