Chapter 15 - Marcy

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Marcy's POV

After Doctor Allen started the blood transfusion on me everyone left to let me sleep, except for Jake who insisted on staying with me in case something happened. At first, no matter what I did my mind kept me awake, the previous events running through my mind over and over.

I didn't even get to see his face.

I thought to myself and shook my head slightly to try and throw the thoughts from my mind.

"Marcy, you need to sleep." Jake said as he got up from his chair across the room and walking over to me, rubbing my arm softly.

"I can't." I mumbled and forced my eyes to look away from him. The monitor that was hooked up to my IV let out a loud long beep before Doctor Allen walked in.

"Looks like the transfusion is done." The doctor said and pressed a few buttons before he started to remove the tube from my arm and put a band aid over it to stop the slight bleeding.

"For the next day, you're on bed rest. That means no getting up and running into more vampires for a whole day. Think you can manage that?" The doctor asked and laughed slightly. I glared at him and took in his looks, his hair was messy and he looked tired, most likely he had been asleep. Jake let out a low growl and the doctor immediately cut his laughter.

"For the next week or so I need you to drink lots of fluids and make sure to stay hydrated, and rest up as much you can, and you need as little physical exercise for the next week, that means no going for runs and no P.E. for the next month." I whined at that, P.E. was always my one time during the day I got to slightly let my wolf out during the day, plus Lexi was in my P.E. class and it was always fun to show her up.

"You can do it." Jake said from behind me and I lightly felt him press his lips to the back of my head.

"I know." I said in a very unconvincing voice. Jake responded by growling in my ear slightly and rubbing my shoulder.

"We should get you to bed." Jake said and I started to get up before Jake picked me up bridal style, I let out a little squeak from surprise and punched his chest.

"Jake, put me down!" I whisper screamed to him as Doctor Allen left the room.

"No, you heard the doctor, you're on bed rest and you need as little physical activity, so I'm carrying you." Jake said, smiling at me brilliantly. I rolled my eye at him but wrapped my arms around his neck so I felt more secure, "Just take me to bed, idiot." I mumbled at him and pressed my face to his chest, smiling as I did.

A little while later I felt him walking up stairs just as I was about to doze off and lifted up my head, looking around just as Jake got to the landing, "Jake, what are you doing?" I mumbled sleepily.

"Taking you to bed like you told me to." He informed me as he opened the door to his room and laid me down on his bed before he came around behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling him to his now bare chest.

This wasn't the first time we had slept together, when we were little and still just pups it was irregular for me to sleep in my own bed, usually I would find comfort in sleeping with Jake, and occasionally Garret, but as we got older we stopped because rumors started to spread around the pack that we were doing things other than sleeping, which was never true. To be honest, I had missed the feeling of warmth and protection that came with being with Jake, although I knew it was wrong. When we were younger, before any of the three of us could shift, Jake and Garret used to argue about which one of them I was going to be mated to. I would get furious because they would try to make me choose one of them, and although I always wanted to say Jake I never answered because I knew it would hurt Garret. Now that we were older, Garret's mate had died before he met her and he felt the bond break a few months back, it wasn't hard on him since he never knew her, but it still hurt to think he didn't have a mate. Now he and I both knew he was nothing more than a big brother.

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