start of a new year

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Kaisers POV

The bus pulled up to Rumble High and as I got off the bus, I lit a cigarette, all the while thinking about how I would beat my brother’s ass. I thought about my brother Daegen and how he was a master of the blue fist style. He loved to pick on me constantly. As the other ninth graders filed past me I walked into the school among a crowd of bustling students, I then walked into the office still smoking.

A teacher walked up to me and pulled the cigarette out of my mouth and took a hit. He had shaggy black hair and bright blue eyes; he was dressed in a black jacket and red and black shirt with jeans.

"You know kid," he said with a smile, "these things will kill you."

I snagged it back and retorted, "They ain’t killed me yet". Though I had only been smoking for about three months.

"You got balls kid." he smiled at me. "My name is Guardian Calib Tills. What grade are you in?"

I smiled at his name. He was an enemy. A family enemy. I sighed and said, "Ninth" and he burst out laughing.

 "What’s so funny?!"

"Welcome freshy! Hope you have fun getting schooled!”

I instantly got pissed and walked towards the desk and got my papers, then I brushed past Mr. Tills and got angrier, the name Tills sent chills through my spine.

I looked at my paper and saw it said my dorm room number was 317. I looked for an older student and found him, my brother, I walked up to him and he groaned.

"What brat?" he shook his shaggy brown hair opposite of my black hair.

 I asked him, “Brother, where is room 317?"

He laughed and said, "This way brat."

He led me towards the dorms marked male and brought me to my room.

"Here we are, be safe now brat." with that he left me to my duties I began to unpack and put my clothes up.

Well this was going to be exciting. I noticed another bed already had a cover and sheet on it, Great a roommate.

Just then the door bust open and an older looking guy with long silver hair and blood red eyes with a red crystal around his neck stood there in the doorway. He wore all black and looked at me strange.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Kaiser. Kaiser Bleu." I said extending my hand.

He didn’t take it instead he stared at me and said, "So you are Daegen’s little brother and you are my new roommate?  Great." he flopped on his bed and said, "I’m Tallis, Tallis Rains." He then fell asleep, a little too quickly.

I sighed and finished unpacking my things. Afterward, I decided to explore the school grounds. I bid adieu to Tallis and left.

Daegen POV

Great the brat was here. He made the tryouts and got in. I looked up at the ceiling fan and thought about how he had given up the blue fist style and used red leg instead. I sighed and sat up shaking my hair out of my eyes. My god, he was going to get into so much trouble, being the womanizer he was. And smoking at only fifteen, the kid was going to get it from mom. I sighed and turned on the TV. There wasn’t much on but the news. I watched as they talked about useless crap such as the upcoming fighter tournaments, the new president of a neighboring country, and an animal abuse bit, but one thing caught my attention...

The name James Bleu was scrolling across the screen. I turned the TV up a bit and the reporter came interview saying, "The body of the high council member Guardian James Bleu, only person to ever master the legendary Red Fist style is still yet to be found, the High council refuses to give news on thi-" I cut off the T.V. and sighed.

They were still looking for great uncle James.

Kaisers POV

I was wandering around for about an hour when I saw a very buff man. He had brown hair and a black jacket with white fur on it. He wore black denim pants and he was doing push-ups, he seemed to notice me and stopped. He walked up to me and stared at me with icy blue eyes.

 "Can I help you kid?"

I looked at him. "My names Kaiser, Kaiser Bleu."

The man stiffened a bit. “Of the Bleu clan?”

I nodded and he turned and walked away he called back, "My name is Guardian Squall."

I thought he was weird but I continued walking. I needed a smoke and up ahead there was a sign that said smoking wall. I turned and saw Guardian Tills. I leaned back against the wall next to him and lit one up. He was smoking one as well. I looked up and asked, "Have you ever had a bleu cigarette?"

He looked down and said, "No, freshy, I don’t think I have." He took another drag and looked back up at the sky. I looked up and saw his face was in wonder.

"You ok, teach?" I asked him.

"Hm? Yea-ya. I just like to look up at the clouds and wonder, what or who gave us this power, the power to move and fight and morph. What about you, freshy?"

I took another drag and laughed. "Wow that’s deep teach. You know I hate you right?"

He just laughed and put out his cigarette. He walked away slowly and looked at his phone then he picked up the pace answering it but he was too far away for me to hear him. I glanced at my watch. It was already five thirty at night I sighed and walked back to the dorms.


It took me forever to find my dorm then I finally found it and used my key to unlock the door. Tallis was at the stove cooking. That’s right our dorm rooms all had kitchens and bathrooms. Kind of like a one room apartment with a bathroom attached. I flopped on my bed and said, "Hey Tallis, whatcha cooking?"

He looked over his shoulder. "I’m not your friend Kaiser. I hate Daegen with a passion; don’t act like I am your friend. But if it interests you, I’m cooking soup. You may want to make use of the microwave."

"Okay, okay asshole," I lit a cig and fixed my hotpockets in the microwave. I ate my hotpockets quickly and laid down to go to sleep, dreaming of my first day of classes tomorrow.

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