Ravenclaw X Slytherin

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Ravenclaw POV
We had been friends before,before we started as a couple. I had been nervous at first to ask her but then news reached me that a Slytherin had a crush on me. I mean, how often does a nerd like me get someone who might be potentially evil?! She was nice and when I went to ask my Gryffindor friend Maria if she knew who it was. When she told me it was Caitlyn I screamed internally all through potions, DADA (Defence against the dark arts) and, all my other lessons.

It's a strange relationship considering she's a 4th year and I'm a 3rd year.  I never thought I'd find love, especially with a Slytherin but she's really nice. Me and Caitlyn didn't gain a lot of support, inter-house relationships at Hogwarts never do. Even more so when 0.5 of it is a Slytherin. It was our 1 year anniversary...

 I decided to take her out to the place we met but she said to meet her in the Slytherin common room. So as always, I let her make the choice. I'm not good with social choices. What are the chances?!

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