Loud.  Zayn’s voice booms through the intercom located in my room.

“Agent Dawn, Agent Styles, Agent Horan, and Ms. Asha please report to the meeting room located in wing B as soon as possible. Thank you.” The speaker turns off and I groggily get out of bed.

Asha comes out of the kitchen looking quite fresh, and hands me a warm cup of hot chocolate.

“We should get going soon, don’t want to keep them waiting,” she says.

I let out a groan and nod. Quickly downing my delicious beverage, I take a short shower and change into clean clothes.  I decided on a black v-neck and dark denim jeans, along with my black combat boots. Still in a hurry, I hastily pull my hair into a braid.

“Well someone really likes black,” says Asha as I walk out of the bathroom.

“Yeah I don’t know why but black clothes are my favorite.”

Asha simply nods as we both walk out of the door and head towards the meeting room.

Outside of the meeting room, Asha and I are greeted by two UFGB guards. The both of us show our badges, and the guards allow us to enter the premises.  As soon as the heavy black doors part, I notice Asha tense up beside me. I tense up too.

There is a handful of people in the room. I recognize all of them, except one.

She was tall, and gorgeous; although, all the males in the room had already taken notice of that. Her dark hair cascades down to her hip, and her smile was so bright that if there was ever a power outage, I’d want her by my side. She sits between Harry and Niall, directly across from Daniel. I find myself immediately hating this new girl, and by the daggers Asha was staring at her, I could tell that she did too.

Zayn, sitting at the head of the table, speaks up.

“Dawn, Asha please have a seat. We were just about to begin. Oh! And I almost forgot, this is Eryn. I’ll tell you more about her in a few moments,” Zayn says as he gestures towards this so called Eryn chick. She flashes her million watt smile at me and I force myself to plaster on the fakest smile I can muster.

Asha hesitantly takes her place to the left of Daniel, right across from Niall, while I sit on Daniel’s left, across from my very distracted boyfriend. Harry smiles at me, but I ignore him and instead make small talk with Daniel. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Harry frown slightly before scooting himself away from Eryn a bit. I couldn’t help but smile at his actions. Asha remains silent throughout the whole fiasco.

Zayn stands up and a screen on the opposite side of the room lights up.

“Thank you all for coming here on such short notice,” says Zayn.

He notices all of our confused stares and begins to talk again.

“We have come to find out that Monroe’s attack yesterday had a different purpose than what we had thought,” Zayn lets out a heavy sigh and runs his hand through his dark hair.

“Monroe has stolen a chip that contains all the information about UFGB,” he hesitantly adds, stress and anxiety clearly visible in his worried expression.

I speak up, “define this…information.”

Zayn looks at all of our faces before replying.

“Everything. All our plans, weapons, secrets, safehouse locations, and…all the information on The Resistance spies,” Zayn adds the last part with a barely audible whisper.

If someone wasn’t paying attention before, they certainly were now. Everyone’s eyes fly wide open.

Niall is the first to process this information.

“Okay well then why are we here?” Niall asks the one thing that was on the mind of everyone in the room.

Zayn clicks a remote and a slide appears on the screen across the room. It looked like some sort of layout plan. A very complicated one at that. I turn back to look at Zayn. His eyebrows are furrowed in concentration, making him appear much older than he actually is. Sometimes I forget that he is only a few years older than me. Zayn was forced to take over the Resistance at only 21 years old when his father had passed away. Now he is 23, yet it seems as if he has aged ten years, not two. I’m not going to lie, Zayn is still very attractive; however, the pressure he constantly feels is evident on his features.

The young leader begins his explanation.

“I have concocted an elite team of six to infiltrate Monroe’s compound, located in the colony. I want you guys to collaborate together, and retrieve this chip back from Monroe’s filthy hands. I have chosen each of you for a specific reason. Dawn, your wittiness, quick-thinking, and ability to manipulate people will help the team in high danger situations. Harry and Niall, both of you are highly skilled in combat and will be needed to take out Monroe’s militia when need be. Asha, you are my trusted secretary. I know how capable you are dealing with computers and high tech gadgets. You will be needed to hack through the high security areas of the compound, so that Dawn, Harry, Niall, and Eryn can get through. That brings me to Eryn. Eryn, I have been informed that you have an impeccable memory. You will be needed to memorize the layout of the compound, as well as the access codes. Eryn, I am counting on you to lead the team to Monroe’s personal office. In Monroe’s office, insiders have informed us of a safe hidden in the walls. Harry, I need you to use your skills and crack open the safe. Grab the chip and get out as fast as you can.”

The silence in the room is thick before Daniel cuts it.

“I’m sorry sir, but what does this have to do with me?”

“Ah yes, you will be there in case of emergency. In order to travel to the colony the team will need to pass through No-Man’s land. You are to ensure that they all remain in stable condition. You and Asha will remain in a vehicle outside of Monroe’s compound. Asha will handle all the security measures from the van, and Daniel you will stand by in case any medical attention is needed.”

I notice Asha’s cheeks heat up and hold in my laughter. Before anyone else can speak up Zayn does.

“Oh yeah, and this mission is strictly covert. No one is to know that anyone from the Resistance has even step foot within the compound, or else we are all as good as dead.”

Harry and I look directly into each other’s eyes. Hints of worry are laced in the unspoken words exchanged between us.

Before I can stop myself I accidently blurt out, “Well this is gonna be one hell of a trip.”

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