Chaper 9

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Riley come over my house to night why so me and you can have some alone time what about your parents tho there not going to be there and if u do come bring a sexy outfit why farkle so we can cuts him off fine I will come over there they walk to class hey Riley would u like to go on a date with me on Friday farkle got mad no she got plans on that night right riles um only I get to call her riles not y'all!! fine may only I get to call her that not y'all!! Ok danmm but Riley didn't answer my qoustion I just answer for u zay she got plans on that night ok farkle calm down your not even her girlfriend then Riley got up zay and Lucas mumble danmm she got a big ass farkle got angry and walk out the class room and pulled Riley with him what the hell is yo promble nothing why why didn't you take my side oh yea sorry I don't want you hanging out with zay or Lucus by your self at all fine later on Riley knock on the door farkle answer the door and she had a Jacket on he took it off and saw her body danmm what did I do to derver u idk Riley wats those cuts on your arm ?!!

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