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Welcome to Mr K's lesson. A new recipe would be taught today and no, it isn't a cooking recipe. It's not a recipe for success either. It's the recipe for sex. And it all begins with a boy and a girl or a boy and another.. Boy.

"Find a partner, everyone. If you are straight, pair up with the opposite sex but if you are homosexual, pair up with the same sex. Got it?"

The class followed Mr K's instructions in a jiffy. The classroom scattered into a mess. Some pairing up with the boy or girl they like while others paired with the same sex, feeling bashful. The messy classroom soon settled down and the noise level subsided except for one. A weeping sound echoed throughout the room and everyone casted their attention to the nerdy boy with round rimmed glasses seated at the last row. Mr K approaches the trembling kid, slow and steady, the only sound audible was his columbus toecap oxford shoe, everyone else stared in awe at Mr K seeing how charming he looks only by walking and his blue eyes glistening under the fluorescent light. 

"And you my boy, you will be my partner"

That was all he said which left everyone in shock except for the nerdy boy who cried even harder.

A/N: Just a random thought. Does it suck? ><

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