The Marauders

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Hermione's POV 

Proving the time-travel situation to Dumbledore was a lot easier than Hermione expected. 

He had just smiled after she told him. 

"Uh, it's true, Professor," Hermione protested, very aware of Malfoy muttering curses behind her. 

"I know." Dumbledore's eyes had twinkled. 

And that was the end of the discussion. Now they were waiting for McGonagall to be informed and to help them. 

Malfoy paced back and forth, alternating muttering about 'bloody beavers' and 'bloody stupid professors'.

Hermione ignored him. How could she break all the rules of time travel and go back so far into time; so far that their entire history could be changed?

What if she was the reason that people lived or died? What if James and Lily survi - 


She couldn't let herself think that. Then she would start to harbor false hopes. And that was the worst. She knew all about false hopes. 

She just needed to focus on getting back. 

Or maybe it was just a horrible dream. Malfoy had just put her into a coma with his stupid spell. 

Or may - 

Hermione resisted the urge to scream. 

McGonagall marched in right then, her eyes worried, but her face calm. 

She stopped right in front of the two. "You are Hermione Smith and Draco Johnson, and you come from Cavetis Wizarding School. You're in your 7th year, and you only came this year because you wanted to take the NEWTS preparation here," McGonagall fretfully told Hermione. "Time-travelers! Dear Merlin!"

"It is pronounced Cah - veh - tis." Malfoy corrected smoothly. "Not Cave-tis."

McGonagall turned to look at him, tight-lipped. "And how would you know?"

Malfoy swaggered around with a smirk. "I just do."

McGonagall stared grimly at him. "And you know the names of fake schools that we just made up a few seconds ago?"

Malfoy looked shocked for a second. He composed himself and muttered "filthy teachers."

Hermione nervously clutched the handle of a trunk that McGonagall has somehow prepared for both of them.

McGonagall was almost like a fairy godmother, because she had immediately sent out for people to fetch emergency books for school, school robes that she believed would fit them, a few Muggle clothes that Malfoy scoffed at, and money, which Hermione vehemently protested against ( Malfoy had muttered something about not needing 'charity'), but they had taken nonetheless. 

McGonagall nervously paced, stressing out Hermione, who was stressed out enough considering the... situation. 

 "Why are we in our 7th year? We're 6th years, Granger won't know the material!" Malfoy said rudely.

"You mean, you won't. I, on the other hand, like to learn, so it'll be a challenge. And anyways, you know why. A 6th year wouldn't be preparing for their NEWTS," Hermione shot back. She felt surprisingly calm when arguing with Malfoy, maybe because that was the only bit of familiarity here.  

"She is Ms. Smith, not Granger. It would do you good to remember that, Mr. Johnson," Dumbledore told him. 

Draco glared at Dumbledore, refusing to talk to him. 

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