Why.. Why does this happen to me!?

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A/N i'm writing a solangelo fanfic

Nicos POV:

fuckshitfuckshitfuckshit i thought as i choked on my sip of beer. this can't be happening. not to me. why did it have to be jason. of every person in this room, why, zeus.
"w-what?" the group laughed as jason asked again, an evil glint in his eye.
"nico, truth or dare?"
"umm..." i weighed my options. there was no way i wanted to kiss someone... well... snap out of it!! and there was no way i wanted to take off a piece of clothing. no way. well.... "i guess dare??" i asked, running a hand through my shaggy hair.

Wills pov:

fuck. his hair.

Nicos POV:

"wonderful! well. i dare you to kiss someone in this room, who isn't me. oh! and it has to be on the lips!" my chest hurt. eyes darted from me to jason.
"fuck you Grace." i finally spoke, tugging at the hem of my shirt. finally slipping it off my head, i heard a loud gasp, as all eyes, including my eyes darted towards the source.
Will Solace.

Wills POV:

holy shit. holy shIT. HOLY SHIT. I couldn't help it, right when his chest was revealed i gasped. but i mean seriously, those constant solo training practices had really paid off, and his arms?! gods help me. but, what escaped my mouth next was way worse.
"nico.. you're RIPPED!" i felt my eyes get wide as i looked down at my crossed legs. i blame the booze for what i said, 200%. okay... maybe 150%...
"oh will? did you say something?" percy asked suggestively, as annabeth sacked his arm, i looked around the group. Besides the mother-anger/satisfied look from Jason everyone was stifling giggles, everyone, except Nico.


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