New Daycare

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Published; October 19, 2016
Edited; December 11, 2017

I hide behind my mom's leg as she knocked on the daycare door. It was painted red. I hold, Oscar, my teddy bear close to me. Then the red door swings open. A skeleton with black bones, a piece of his skull floating. He has an eye that's shaped like a star while the other was yellow. He had on a tan apron.

"Hello. Mr. Jammy. My name is M/N Mochida. This is my four year old son/daughter Y/N." My mother shakes the skeletons hand.

So this guy is Mr. Jammy.

When he looked down at me, I hid behind mom's leg, "Y/N. I will be late for my meeting if I don't get going. See you soon!" Mom called running towards her car.

As she drove away I waved, "Bye, bye mommy." Very quietly.

"Well Y/N. We should get you to meet the other kids they sure will like you." Mr. Jammy stated.

I stared up at him with my e/c eyes. My h/c hair blew in the air. He takes me by the hand and lease me inside the Daycare.

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