7 - The Barn

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     Running into the field is like asking to get lost and there's no telling who or what is waiting in the house. The barn looks safe. You book it toward the barn. You're only feet away from the barn door when the sound of a chainsaw starting creeps into your ears. It scares you into barging through the door, throwing caution to the wind instead of using caution.
     Luckily, the large man standing at the center of the barn didn't notice you. He's wearing a dirt and blood stained top with the sleeves cut off crudely. His face is pale, contrasting with his dark brown stubble. Dried blood trails from under his hat, down the side of his face on the right and the eye on that side is completely white, while the other is sort of blue. Needless to say, his appearance is shocking. His surroundings are even more alarming.
     There are hooks hanging behind and beside him. Hooks with squirming and pleading people attached to them. They all look to be about your age, like the group's of kids you heard came here from Denmont High a few years ago.
     In front of the man, is the remains of a corpse. Some of it has been hacked away, no doubt by the bloody meat clever in his hand. He raises it high and brings it down on the remaining arm of the corpse and you want to turn tail and run back out. The chainsaw is still roaring out there, so you suck it up and duck quickly behind a stack of smelly barrels.
     Through the crack between them, you watch with your hand over your mouth to muffle any sobs or gags at the smell of the place. He chops up what's left, throwing some parts in one barrel and other parts in another. You stare at the barrels beside you with wide eyes and a good idea of what they contain.
     Soon, the body is gone. He turns and lifts a girl from a hook. She struggles and screams. You notice the big D on her shirt. She's even wearing yellow and blue, Denmont's school colors. She IS one of the Denmont students.
But how is that possible, you wonder. Those students went missing five years ago. . . .
     He slams her on the table and slits her throat like she's nothing. You want to scream so bad at the horror and humanity of it all, but you don't want to be the next one on that table. He starts cutting off her outfit and marking his slicing targets with a dingy marker.
     Suddenly the chainsaw outside stops and the girl's phone in your pocket alarms again. . . .

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Please wait for The Barn to continue on chapter 10

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