Chapter 3

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Angel's P.O.V.

I been in the kids rooms for half an hour. During that time both Ari and Austin woke up, and it wasn't because they a bad dream or anything like that. Nope it wasn't. it's because certain people act like they don't know how to have a quiet conversation or not to bang on the wall. Like really y'all had to talk in the bedroom? In that case I could had stayed downstairs. I twirled the angel pendent on the chain that Mason gave me, while bouncing Ari on my leg. When he first gave me this chain and that it had a tracker in it I just wanted to take it off and throw it at him. But I also thought it was kinda cute in a weird way........ Like I just liked that he trying to keep up with me. At lease if I had got lost or kidnap he would had been able to find me. Still cute.

I smiled at the two little loves of my life. I wanna dress them up in little panda bears costume and just have them walk around. I don't know I sound like a mother but it would be so cute too see them in that. I heard the bedroom they was in door open before there was a knock on the kids door.

'It's open." Walked in was Mason with his father right behind him. Mason didn't look so happy at all like he would even hold contact when he looked at me. Damnit I forgot Mason his father could the kids before he leave.

"Angel I'm gonna let my father meet the kids before he go." I shrugged my shoulders and have him Ari. As long as he don't drop my babies or make them cry I'm alright with him seeing them. Austin came over and laid his head on my lap, he really didn't get any sleep so he should be sleepy.

"Dad this is Ariana and that little guy over there is Austin." He pointed to Austin.

"My babies. Austin, Ari this is y'all grandpa." He said to them and handed his father Ari. She pulled on his hair and laughed. She's always a happy baby I swear it's rare to see her cry. Austin just waved at him with his thumb in his mouth and eyes closing, so I picked him up and laid him in his bed.

"Well they're cute." He said pinching Ari's cheek. Now I don't know if was me really hearing his tone or it came from me not liking him, but I swear that how he said that he was trying to be funny. I turned to look at Mason and he was about to grab my hand before his father looked over and cough, making him stop and take a step back, giving me a guilty look. What the hell was that!!!! He gave my baby back to Mason and I took her from him and walked out the room.

"Three days Mason. Remember that." That was the last thing I heard his father say before I walked into our bedroom. And hey look there's two hole that wasn't there before in our wall. Fucking great.

I laid down on the bed and put her on my stomach. I want candy. Why? I don't know..........Oh wait yes I do. CAUSE I'M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THAT BIG THING IN THE KIDS ROOM JUST DID WHAT HE DID. He'll get smacked upside his big head if I do get an explanation for it. I would say I'm over thinking it but I just started.

"Can I have cuddles?" I heard from by me and knew it was no one but Mason.

"Umm no I'm caring for my child right now." He rolled his eyes and sat on the bed.

"I was talking to her. Duhh." He took her and played with her little fingers. I say up and acted hurt.

"I can't believe you Ari. you choose him over me." She looked at me and turned her head sideways before laying her head on Mason chest.

"I guess that's a yet. I mean we are special."

"Yea for each other. Go lay her back down since she still tired." He got up and did just that. When got back he held his arms out and a sad face.


"Umm no boy." I said and he just shrugged his shoulders, picking me up and putting me on his lap as he sat down. His face went to the crook of my neck with his arms wrapped tightly around me.

"I love you Angel."

"I know."

"Say it back."

"It back." I said and he growled and I laughed.

"Ok I love you big baby."

"I'm yours so it doesn't matter."

"Mhmm. So tell me, why did you back seat from me when your father cough. Not only that you looked at me like you wanted to say something."

"That was nothing I was just trying to get mini me back from him."

"Mini you?" I said raising my eyebrow. He lifted his head up and nodded.

"Yeah mini me just like Austin is a mini you, Ari is a mini me."

"Is it sad that that is true."


"Ok but now back to the topic of why that happened. I mean he looked at us before he did it. Like he was warning you not to do it."

"No you're just thinking to much."

"Not the hell I'm not." I said and he bit my neck.

"Ouch what was that for?'

"No cursing. But still you are"

"Whatever and no I'm not you just-"

"Shoosh stop over thinking things and give me cuddles."


"Oh well." He said and pulled me back onto the bed and laid me down with him. He make me feel so damn small. He squeezed my hand kissed my forehead.

"I always get my cuddles."

"Yea and I always get a human size teddy bear."

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