Chapter 25, part 1

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Erin's POV

"Erin, just don't."

I could feel my eyes beginning to rim with water almost immediately, as Jaxon stormed out of the kitchen. Don't cry. Do not cry. Just give him some space. I wiped the single tear off of my face that managed to spill out. Jaxon was genuinely upset. I could see it in his eyes. I couldn't understand why though. I mean I don't know what was worse, not knowing what set him off, or not knowing how to fix it. I would've expected whatever mood Jaxon was in last night would've been long gone by now, but nope. I didn't miss a beat when he kicked me out of his living area last night, but I just figured he was trying to wrap his head around the whole Seline thing. If anything, his mood only seem to get worse.

I wanted to go after him. I wanted to talk to him, but I was afraid to at the same time. We've never been in this type of situation. What if he didn't want to talk. What if Jaxon was the type of person who needed time to calm down first. What if I only made it worse by going after him. I couldn't bare the idea of him being upset with me, well more upset than he was now. I was trying to keep my emotions together, but I couldn't help it. I reached for my glass that Jaxon had sat on the counter. I picked it up and sent it flying into the wall in front of me. Broken pieces of glass scattered all around, as the wall dripped down with blood.

I took a deep breath in, exhaling slowly, trying to get my emotions back under control. I didn't want to shut them out, they'd just back fire on me in the end. I stared at the mess I created a few feet in front of me. I walked over to the messy area, kneeling down on the ground. I started to pick up a few pieces of glass that laid around me. There was really no point for me to have thrown my drink, it hadn't made me feel better one bit if I'm being honest. I felt someone place their hand on my left shoulder as I was reaching for another small shard, I quickly snapped my attention to the person that I clearly didn't hear creep up behind me. It was Andrew.

He crouched down besides me, taking the two small pieces from my hand. "I got this Miss Erin" he offered a genuine small smile. He threw the small pieces into a small waste basket he had next to him.

I reached for another shard in front of me. "It's my mess, Davis. I can clean up after myself." I attempted to throw the shard in his small basket, but he pulls it away.

"It's my job, ma'am" he held out his hand, waiting for me to hand over the small glass. I glared at him for a second or two, but when he doesn't move his hand away, I hand him the small shard. Andrew got up, grabbed something, and crouched back down next to me. He cleared his throat. "I heard what he said, a little before I walked in." He says looking directly at the floor, sweeping up the rest of the smaller pieces with a hand broom in his hand, dust pan in the other.

I sighed, "I don't know what to do"

"It's my fault he's in a bad mood" he looks over at me, still kneeling on the ground next to him. I furrow my eyebrows a bit, staring at him. How could it possibly be his fault? Andrew must've been aware of the confused look on my face, he continues. "Please do excuse my language, but I said some shit I shouldn't have" he gives me a sad shrug. Not following anything he's saying, I part my lips to ask what he said, but he cuts me off. "Just give him some time. Ten, maybe twenty minutes. Jaxon's never been one to stay upset for too long... He's a good guy, he really does care about you."

I smiled looking down at my fingers, they were slightly red from the blood that stained the glass. I turned to look up at Andrew, smiling. "I ca-"


Andrew and I both turned our heads to look back, at the sound of the voice. Although I already knew who it belonged to. Ramos. My fathers second in command. Sure enough, there stood the six foot two, long hair, bearded man in the kitchen entrance. Unlike Tony though, Lou always kept his hair up in a little man bun. Personally, I rarely see him or any of my fathers men out of their work mode, but A claims that the two are always bickering about who rocks the better bun. "Your father would like to speak with you." He extends his right arm out, cell phone in his hand.

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