Chapter Twenty Seven

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Natalia's P.O.V

I walked into the hotel ballroom slowly, taking in the beautiful pink floral arrangements dotted around the large room. It was the Saturday night of the wedding Alex had invited me to and I scanned the room for anyone I recognised.

I saw Stellan and Finn stood by the food table first then spotted Kaya with Lawson talking to some other people. I wasn't sure who to go to first and it turned out that I didn't have to make a decision because I met Alex's gaze from across the large room.

His eyes widened as he took me in with a quick sweep, and in his distraction his elbow hit an unlit candle which knocked over other objects on the table. I smiled, watching him prop everything back up meanwhile taking peeks at me and my cheeks warmed at his reaction.

I hadn't been sure about the dress I wore since it had been one I'd always had in my closet but had never found an occasion to wear it, the shock on his face made me feel good.

He came over to me right away, dodging the guests who stood in between us and stuffed his hands in pockets once he reached me. "You" He smiled.

"Thank you, it's all I could come up with on short notice." I smiled back, hoping that my cheeks weren't as red hot as they felt. It didn't help that my eyes kept straying to his body, there was nothing more attractive than a guy in a suit and he was rocking it.

"I'd love to see what you look like with more time to get ready." Alex told me with a sexy half smile.

"You're such a charmer Mr Michaelson, you look pretty hot yourself. Grey is your colour."

"Why thank you Miss Laurentius, my mother was right. Did you come with a date?"

I noticed the slight deepening of his voice whilst asking the question and wondered why he thought I'd have a date, "No, I came alone."

His body straightened and he took one hand out of his pocket, "I'm sure you had plenty of offers."

I shrugged, looking around the party briefly before returning my gaze to him and putting on my most ghetto voice, "I'm an independent woman who don't need no man."

Alex threw his head back and laughed, sounding genuinely amused rather than hesitant around me which was something I could really get used to again after our fight.

"I'm thinking you've broken a lot of hearts with that statement." He said in-between laughter.

"Just a couple," I grinned, "This wedding is beautiful, your mom did a great job." I said, stepping closer and seeing his mouth turn upwards.

He looked around too, also edging closer so there was a very minuscule gap left in between us, "She did, it's been her project for months."

Looking over his shoulder I spotted a red head moving between people and I sighed, "Izzy's looking for you so I'd better go."

He turned his body just enough to follow my eyes and returned his hand back to his pocket as he faced me, "Ok but save me a dance later, you may not have a date but I'm sure you'll be swamped with attention on the dance floor."

I'd wanted nothing more than to dance with him since his party, the way he'd watched me suggested that he'd wanted to come over but obviously his girlfriend had been more important at the time.

Despite how I felt, dancing with him was a bad idea for both of us. Izzy would have a fit and it would bring us too close. My attraction to him was fierce, every word he spoke and every time his dark eyes met mine it made me feel things I shouldn't. I thought I was done with boys and yet here I was pining over him constantly.

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