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F O R B I D D E N   L O V E

Love you have for a person that is so deep and feels like it could last forever, but it can't for some complicated, unfair reason.

This is a story in which two friends since childhood, Nicholas Holland and Brayden Archer, fall in love but are forced to stay apart.

W A R N I N G S:

1) This story includes sexual content (obviously, like lol who do you think I am?)

2) This story can be cliche at times (but I try not to make it painful)

3) Graphic/Strong Language

4) Slight mentions of self harm

⚣ And lastly, this is a BoyxBoy story. If this is not your cup of tea then please exit out of this book. ⚣


I dedicate this story to my friend Nick. There's always going to be someone out there who will try to tear you down, Love, if you let them. I hope that you'll one day realize that you're beautiful just the way you are and you shouldn't be ashamed of who you love. Love is love. ♡

I also dedicate this story to my good friend Kai. Thank you for helping me out with this story and putting up with all my stupid questions about it. You're the best. ♡

Thirdly, I dedicate this book to Vivien, yes you, Viv. Thanks for putting up with all my spoilers and thanks for being excited about this book! I love you, Wifey! ♡

Lastly, I dedicate this story to all of my followers. You guys are amazing and I want you to know how thankful I am for you. I wouldn't even be writing if it wasn't for you all. ♥

So without further ado...

E N J O Y !

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