A terrible loss

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Draco and Hermione sat under the gazebo talking while their daughters ran around chasing the butterflies that loved the flowers in the garden.

"You are keeping something from me. I know it I saw it in your face. Please tell me why you are worrying." Draco said calmy.

Hermione looked at her husband, her face turned pink before tear drops fell from her eyes. "Scorpius got sick and his fever was 107 when he arrived at the emergency room. The doctors were surprised that he was alive when they were putting him on the drip. They said it was just a flu and sent him home. The next day he was vomiting so much he fell asleep so I took him to St. Mungos and they said it was just his magic coming in strong and that he'd be a very strong wizard. But ever since he got home he's been doing nothing but sleeping and  eating. Lately he's been sleeping more and more and I'm afraid that he's gonna-" Hermione burst into tears as she threw her arms around Draco.

Draco's eyes began tearing up and watering as he understood the horror that Hermione had been feeling. Their son was very sick.

"Can I see him" Draco choaked out.

Hermione nodded her head. "I need to give him his medicine and feed him so you can help me with that yeah?"

Draco nodded his head before they got up. "Livelex, Avril its time to go inside and get ready for dinner."  He watched as his daughters ran into the house. Him and Hermione followed. 

"Do you mind starting the potatoes on a boil and putting the meat on the barbecue? I need to go and get his medicine from the pharmecy I just realized he is out." Hermione grabbed her keys and purse from the counter. "If you boil one potato alone on high for 10 minutes it should be ready to be mashed up and fed to Scorpius." Hermione said as she headed towards the door. "I won't be long I promise."

Draco plucked a potato from the giant pot and placed it in one alone before turning it on high. He then set a timer before turning the other burner on and heading out to the sun room where the barbecue was. He lit a fire and then tossed the meat on the grill before seasoning them.  10 minutes later he was back inside turning off the burner for Scorpius' dinner. Draco placed the potato in the blender and put a bit of milk in it before he began blending it into a smooth consistency.

"Avril" Draco called as she walked into the kitchen to grab an apple.

"Yes daddy?"

"Go and wake up your brother and tell him I will be up there in a moment to give him his dinner."

Avril nodded her head and skipped off. Draco took the blender and tipped the mashed potatoes into a small bowl before putting a bit of butter on them and mixing them. Carrying the bowl he headed upstairs and stopped in the hall when he saw Avril.

"Did you wake up your brother?" Draco asked as he bent down to give her a kiss.

"I tried but he won't wake up."

Draco nodded his head before he walked down the hall to his sons room. Just like Avril said he was sleeping. Draco walked over to the side of his bed and set the bowl down before he sat at the edge of the bed.

"Scorpius, its time to eat you can sleep when you are done but you need to eat." Draco said as he brushed back his blonde hair. "Scorpius, come on buddy wake up you need to eat so you can get strong again." Still no movement. Draco stared at his sons face only to realize it seemed a little too peaceful. "Scorpius?" He whispered a little bit hasty. Scorpius didn't move.

Draco leaned his ear towards his sons lips to try and catch the sound of a breath, there was none. Draco's eyes widened before he began shouting.


Footsteps could be heard coming down the hall before they stopped. "Yes dad?"

"Go get the phone and call 911 now!"  Avril disappeared down the hall again.  Draco began giving his son cpr.  

Avril returned with the phone in her hand. "They are on their way?" Avril looked in on the scene and walked forward cautiously. "Dad what is wrong with Scorpius?"

In less than 5 minute their were footsteps coming up the stairs as muggle paramedics entered the room. The tallest guy pulled Draco away from his son before they tubed him and began pushing air into him as they moved him to the stretcher before wheeling him from the room. Livelex came into the room crying as she saw her brother being wheeled away. Avril soon joined in. Draco lifted Livelex into his arms.

"Come on Avril we are going to the hospital" Draco said in a broken wavery voice.

Just as the three were walking out of the house towards the car Hermione pulled up. She jumped quickly from her car and ran her son who was being loaded up in the ambulance.  "Draco what happened!"

"He stopped breathing, go with him I'll follow in the car with the kids." Hermione nodded before she got in the back.

With the sound of a siren and flashing lights the amublance was gone.

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