Rules, Guidelines, and Prizes

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Welcome, followers!

At every interval of followers (presently just over 700), the admin team at Project-ED will host a graphic and/or writing contest/challenge. From prompts to objectives, all relating to health or eating disorders. This may not sound intriguing to everyone, but we hope to bring you something unique and not found within every other contest book out there.

~The Rules~

To keep everything orderly, we have a set of rules that everyone must follow.

Things that will get you disqualified:

1. Bullying. If you leave reviews on other people's writing, we ask that you keep it constructive and polite.

2. Not following the prompts/rules.

3. Mature Content. If you are going to include any coarse language or mature content, please keep it to a minimum.

4. Smut, nude, or otherwise inappropriate topics/images. This is not the place for that. At all.

~The Guidelines~

1. Work must be submitted by the deadline given.

2. You can enter all competitions if you want. However, to keep things fair, please only submit one entry per contest.

3. Follow the given prompts on the specific contest page for word count or other exact details.

4. Your work must be entirely your own.

5. All entries should be either posted on Wattpad or sent in to with the appropriate layout:

         • Your Wattpad username
         • Your real name/pseudonym {optional}
         • Which contest you're entering - e.g. cover contest
         • An attachment of your entry.

Note: Everyone has a right to feel safe, healthy and respected, and we wholly support that. If, for any reason, you do not feel this has become a safe environment, PLEASE let our admin team know why and we will try to address it immediately. For this reason, we ask that your work be completely non-triggering and safe to use. We appreciate that some sensitive topics may come up whilst writing, but please do not be too graphic or detailed.

~ The Prizes~

» The winner of the graphic contests will have their work used and displayed, complete with a dedication and shoutout. Runner ups will get shoutouts.

» The winner of the writing contest will get their work published with a dedication, as well as a sticker to place on their own cover. They may be invited to discuss their entry in more detail. Runner ups will get shoutouts.

We hope you enjoy taking part in these contests and hopefully, they will help enlighten all about the truths of eating disorders and abnormal eating patterns as well as being fun and engaging.

Thank you.

- @REPaige and @thefineideayoucrave

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