Chapter 9

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Previously on "The Vampire's Mate" :

Lucy: Stay the hell away from Natsu he's mine!

Natsu: I'm just gonna have to force it out of you then. Tell me what Lucy told you. 

Juvia: Lucy threatened me that you were hers and to not get near you .

Natsu: Leave her alone!

Erza: Great news . She's been suspended for 5 weeks isn't that great .

Juvia: Yeah I guess...

Natsu: You are the love of my life Juvia . You are my mate . Now all I need to know is if your answer is yes ?

Juvia: Yes . Yes . Yes! Yes!

Natsu: I love you

Juvia : I love you too


I sigh deeply looking at myself in my full lenghthed mirror . What a day . Yesterday I was released from the hospital and let me just say it was not something I ever wanna go through again . Apparently I just had a minor shut down and because of so much shock,preasure,and stress all at once weren't go so that's why I fainted and had a very bad nosebleed . Natsu's impatience is what really got on my nerves he wants everything to be basically given to him fast and done the way he wants it .

Like I swear he almost killed the doctor for not letting him sign the papers quicker . I had to rub his shoulders and calm him down . I sigh deeply once again and go lay on my bed . Natsu suddenly walks in with a book in his hands . I look at him . "Watcha readin' this time Dragneel ?" i ask him curiously . He just smiles and hands me the book . The title read "Gone with Love" . (A/N i made up this book Idk if it's real or not ) .

I read the description in the back and I see it has to do with a girl who is human and a guy who is a demon . They both runaway  because their relationship wasn't accepted and so on and so on . I look up at him . "So you like cliche love stories huh?" i smirk at him and he shakes his head . "Father said it was my mothers favorite ..." he looks at me with a sad smile .

I suddenly feel guilty for my comment . "Natsu...I'm so sorry . I didn't realize it had sentimental value to you . Please forgive my rudeness..." i say and give him a hug . He hugs me back tightly "Love there is no need for sorry . I understand that this is all too un-normal for you . There is no need for forgiveness, because there is no need for sorry my love . " He kisses my forehead . I smile knowing that I'm blushing .

Timeskip to  school:

I'm currently in history class and let me just say it is boring . I'm doodling on my notebook not caring what in the world the teacher is saying when suddenly i get a paper ball thrown at my face. I look to see who threw it and see Lyon grinning at me widely and motions for me to open the paper. I unroll the paper and read the note .

'Meet me at the library during free period .'
-Lyon ♥

I look up and give him a slight nod . I'm not sure about this . Natsu won't be so happy about this if he finds out I'm meeting Lyon at the library . But maybe he's just gonna ask me if he can borrow my math homework so he can copy the answers like Gray and Natsu did . You never know . I mean barely anyone did it . I'm just gonna keep it from Natsu . And if he does find out I'm sure he would understand because i am 99.9 % sure that it's for the homework.

The bell rings signaling that it's time for free period. I sigh and make my way to the library. Until someone pinned me into one of the empty hallways .

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Natsu asks me angrily . "None of your concern . Thank you . Now if you'll excuse me i must be going . " I say and try and walk away from him only to be pinned again but this time a bit harder . "Natsu. Let . Me. Go. Now." i say bitterly . He suddenly looks into my eyes . "Tell me where you were going . Now." I can't resist his compulsion . "I was going to meet Lyon at the library . He told me to . " I speak the truth while i'm still in a daze .

"Great . Now we can both meet him . Whatever he has to say he can say it in front of me . " Natsu says and drags me down the hall and into the library . I suddenly try with all my force to pull away from him and thankfully i succeed . "Natsu stop it! I don't get what's the big deal here anyways . He probably just needed the math homework or something just stop . " he looks at me . "I don't buy one bullshit of it , because he is one of Lucy's best buds and favorite puppet . So that's why if he has to tell you something he can say it to me as well." He drags me away .

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