My eyelids flutter open. Bright lights overwhelm my vision. Where am I?

The last thing I remember was being happily sat, cross-legged on my bed watching a movie (Finding Nemo to be precise, yes I know - but DISNEY!), my roommate Isabella called me downstairs, we were had lunch together and then. Nothing.

What happened? Where AM I?

My vision starts to focus more, the light that was obscuring my sight slowly fades. What is this place?

A small room, a bedroom. I appear to be propped up on an armchair by the door, presumably locked, with a thin blanket draped over me. So I slept here? My fairly long, dark brown hair is covering my left eye and I am wearing the same clothes I was wearing at lunch (Skinny jeans, a short top showing a bit of my stomach and a baggy hoody on top). A messy bed with a light blue duvet - that looks like it has just been slept in - very bare, white walls and similar carpet make up the basics of the room. A tall, fake plant is the only decoration, apart from the intricately designed balcony situated off the right wall. In the corner is a very cluttered desk; 5 empty cans of red bull are scattered over loads of sheets of paper. Headphones are carefully positioned on top of a very precarious-looking pizza box. A microphone is placed towards the centre of the desk and there is a word - processing screen open on the computer.

I lean forward, my eyes straining to read the text on the screen that was obviously just meant for me to read. "Congratulations Autumn!" it says, "You won our Competition!". Huh? I haven't entered a competition! Is this some kind of sarcastic trick?! What's happening?


Heyy Guys, this is my first attempt at a fan fiction :D Just going to try it out and see how it goes :) Sorry for the short chapter!

If you have any ideas for the fanfic then leave them down below :)

Thanks, Ella :D