Jarrod stories: Jarrod as detective! not done,...

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One day jarrod decided to become a detective, so he went to the police.  The police gave him the job because he couldnt possibly make things worse. Jarrods first mission was to find a bomb in a zoo. Jarrod went to that zoo and as soon as he arrived he yelled into the crown:" People dont you worry there is no bomb in this zoo and im not here to find it, so dont panic even if there is a bomb, ok?". All the people started screaming and panicked. Jarrod walked around and saw a candy machine, The bomb could be in there he thought to himself, so he grabbed a bat and started smashing the machine. After a few minutes the machine was totally in bits. The zookeeper came in and screamed :"what did you do??!?" Jarrod calmly said:" Dont worry theres no bomb in there" and walked away. Then jarrod saw a sign at a door with a man leaning infront of it. The sign read: Phant. Jarrod entered the door and looked for the phant. Because he couldnt see one, he layed down on the ground to search under rocks while saying "Phants must be pretty small" out loud. Suddenly the ground darkened as a shadow was cast over jarrod and an Elephant sat down on him. After 3 hours of squeezing himself out jarrod was free. He walked back out the door and saw the guy leaning on the sign was gone and the sign actually read:Elephant.

Jarrod had now blown his cover, he needed a discuise. And then he saw it, the zookeepers shed. Jarrod quickly sneaked inside and found what he was looking for.

To be continued!

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