Chapter 2 - Texas Barbecue Sauce

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Chapter 2 – Texas Barbecue Sauce

Faster than I could blink, I found myself sprawled, face down, on the couch, Emmett snickering as he leaned over me. I stuck one leg out and nudged him with my foot whilst groaning as I felt the familiar queasiness of travel sickness. "You asshole" my voice muffled by the plush fluffy pillows. There was a laugh and then I found myself in a normal position, my legs dangling off the couch. I noticed the whole family in the room then but still threw a pillow at Emmett just as he turned to sit down. It missed by a mile... A loud laugh emitted from Emmett as he sat next to me, his arm slung around my shoulders. "God I was next to you and you still missed," he said, vibrations ran through my body as his shaking shoulders touched mine. I let out a low flat sarcastic laugh as Rosalie perched next to Emmett. She was stunning, not even words could describe the inhuman beauty she had. Then I remembered that she'd been the one to fix Bee. "You're Rosalie right?" I said, knowing the answer anyway. She nodded as I continued. "Thank you so much for fixing Bee up! He looks great and runs like a dream". She smiled, "It was no trouble" was all she said in reply. I twisted and saw the rest of the family was still standing, Bella the tiniest bit behind Edward. "Are you lot going to sit down?" I asked before making eye contact with my sister. "Aren't you going to introduce me Bells?" she flushed red as the family sat down, one of the men with honey coloured hair sat down next to me. His body was tense and I saw his nostrils flair slightly as he breathed in.

Bella took in a slow breath before she pointed to who I guessed was Carlisle. Edward grinned at me hearing my thoughts as Bella began to introduce me to the family. "This is Carlisle that head of the family and that's his wife Esmé" the soft brown haired woman smiled gently at me. "This is Alice," the short blacked haired girl grinned at me, "We're going to the best of friends" she said. I smiled back. "You've met Edward, Rosalie and Emmett so that just leaves..." "Jasper" I said as I nudged him. "Hello," he said politely. His accent easily identifiable. "You come from Texas?" I asked, turning to look at him. He nodded, his nostrils flared again. "They do the best Barbecue Sauce I have ever tasted it, it is an orgasm for your tongue" then I realised what I said. Meeting new people for the first time and talking about orgasms whether it was food related or not was probably not acceptable. I felt colour rise to my cheeks, silently blessing my mom for having her genes, I didn't turn a brilliant red like Bella, only tinted. Suddenly I felt a calm cross over me. "Nothing to be embarrassed about Darlin'" Jasper finally relaxed and grinned at me. "Oh that was you, you can control emotions can't you. That is so totally rad!" I said realising he'd used his vampire power on me. "Thanks, but surely not as 'rad' as seeing the future or hearing thoughts?" he replied in a flat voice, I was hit with realisation that he probably found his the worst power. "It's still cool Jasper," I said quirking my eyebrow slightly at him. I pushed good feelings towards him and he grinned.

A cough came from Carlisle and I turned away from Jasper and looked at him. "So us being vampires doesn't bother you?" he said. "No it's awesome, you're super strong, fast and intelligent. How handy is that? I'd be able to ace my classes, do boring tasks super quick and knock out some perv back in my old school who kept hitting on me. So useful," I said imaging knocking out Peter from my chemistry class who I had to sit next to in a variety of ways. The conical flask hit him around the head, I slammed his head into the bench, it mostly involved his head hitting an object. I heard Edward let out a bark of laughter. "Pretty sure you could do that now," he said. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah but still," I said. "You do realise we have to drink blood? Like we could sink our teeth into your neck and drain you in less than a minute," Edward said. He was obviously trying to stop me being too friendly with them. "Well I'd die happy having my blood drained by some good looking people. Can you get hideous vampires? You know like hags?" I said.

"Do you reckon she has a mouth filter?" Emmett questioned lightly, prodding me in the hip. I let out a giggle and moved away from him causing me to bump into Jasper. "Sorry, it happens" I said my cheeks reddening again. "Brain to mouth, it breaks when I get excited or nervous. I tend to babble. Like one time this guy was hitting on my friend and I'll stop in 3-2-1" I looked up to see that Carlisle and Esme had left the room probably giving us teenagers privacy. "No please do continue" Emmett said, Bella silently laughing as she already knew what I said. "Emm he said that he like blond and blue eyed girls and I turned and said that so did Hitler" everyone burst out laughing. A reaction I was not expecting but enjoyed. I could see some great friendships forming especially with Emmett.

Hi guys, sorry for the late update. I am completely rewriting this story (was known as Dear Diary) and I found this chapter super difficult to write. The next chapter should be better:)


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