Gryffindor X Slytherin

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Slytherin POV
An awkward silence descended upon the both of us. We were the living embodiment of the biggest house rivalry at Hogwarts 1 year ago, but now me and the cutest Gryffindor girl there is were officially a couple, for 2 months. We both had boys asking us out all the time and having to politely decline. Nobody knew our secret. We kept our relationship under wraps for a billion reasons. My parents didn't even know. Neither did my closest friends.

 Today was our two month anniversary and I had a special surprise for her. Today, I was going to take her on a picnic in the space where we met, with a beautiful view of The Black Lake. I wondered and worried desperately if she would like it. Suddenly, I landed on my face, my girlfriend had pushed me over onto the  cold, stone floor.

"Geena! You're not supposed to make it look like we like each other!" I said raising my voice to a loud whisper.

"Sorry Amy but I couldn't wait to here what you had planned for our anniversary..." She looked at me expectantly. I suddenly noticed people from my house were staring.

" What are you on about you stupid Gryffindor?! " I saw through there eyes what they were saying and how hurt Geena was. But to be a Slytherin was to be mean so I had to push her over. Onto the cold stone floor...

"A young ginger boy told me to tell you that Geena told him to say to you it can't work anymore. Don't ask me what it means, I don't know."

"What! She can't mean that!"

Sorry for making this a sad ending I'm in a sad mood. Bye!

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