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"Oh look who we have here?!"

"Isn't that our good old friend Jimin?!"

Jimin flinched and stared at the lunchbox in his hands. His palms were sweating. He stopped in the middle of the corridors, next to the lockers.
He couldn't look up, but he heard their footsteps echoing in the hallway.

"Long time no see"

"Yeah, did you missed us?!"

"I bet he did"

He felt the urge to protect his face. He felt like hiding. They were standing right behind him now, but he couldn't move, he couldn't run.

"Ey fucktard, were talking to you"
Something smacked the back of his head.
He closed his eyes, trying to keep his tears back.
He knew this would happen, he knew he couldn't escape this nightmare.
Someone shoved him against the lockers. He hit his shoulder  against it and wheezed in pain.
His lunch fell to the floor, but he would not pick it up, it would be easier to kick him in the face while he was kneeling.
So he stood as straight a possible, still incapable of looking at them.
A hand gripped onto his hair and forced him to raise his head.
The girl was smiling but for Jimin it looked more like she was snarling, about to attack.
She smacked his cheek, still gripping onto his hair.
"You look good Park Jimin, recovered."

"Enjoyed your holiday without us?!" Another girl asked.

The third just laughed.

Jimin didn't answer. He just stood there, pressed against a locker, feeling it's cold surface through his shirt. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

The girl grabbed his shoulder and pulled him towards her before pushing him  hard against the locker again. He hit his head against it. Jimin gasped. The pain was shooting through his scalp, blurring his vision.

"Answer the question!"

Jimins lip shivered and he shook his head.
The girl lunged back and hit him in the face this time. She stepped back and laughed , while he was covering his red cheek with his small hand.
His eyes were closed so he had no idea who it was but one of the girls pulled at his hair firmly and than dashing his head against the locker another time, this time ever harder.
He slide down and protected his head while the girls we're kicking his side, laughing and cheering.
"Jimin!"they called everytime they kicked him.
"Jimin!" Another kick. He wheezed, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Jimin!" This time right into his stomach. The pain was unbearable, but he couldn't scream, because the next kick hit his lungs, so he was busy gasping for air instead.



He gagged, tasting something salty and metallic.
They stopped after noticing the blood he was vomiting onto the floor.

"Shit, let's go" The girl who smacked his face said , pulling the others towards the exit.
It made no difference if they hurried or not, this corridor was always empty during. That's why Jimin came here in the first place. He didn't want to sit in the cafeteria. He wanted to be alone.
"He looks so beautiful when he's there where here belongs."

"On the ground"

"In pain, covered in dirt and shame"

They laughed.

He heard they're fast footsteps and after a while the corridor was silent again.
He tried to move, but every muscle hurt. He could tell that tomorrow his whole body would be covered in dark purple bruises.
He wasn't able to open his eyes because of the sharp ache in his head.

Something that rested inside of him during summer holidays, he felt that it died the past minutes and it won't be able to recover ever again.

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