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It's still long before class starts...

Unzipping my bag, I slowly pulled out my pencil case and my physics notebook. I lazily placed them on the desk as I heard every of their thuds. Soon, my eyes trailed at the scarlet bracelet, where they shimmer under the sunlight that penetrated through the windows. This morning, I showed both Aly and Adelynn the gift that Edward had given to me, and they were completely stumped at the sight.

Soon after, I couldn't help but to sense Seb's eyes on me.

"That's a really beautiful bracelet," he complimented, completely fixated at the accessory, "where did you get it?"

"T-Thanks..." Again, I stumbled on my words, "Ed got it for me."

"That's... rare of him," Seb smiled wider at my response, "but how did he manage to give it to you?"

"It was through h-his mother yesterday," I replied, trying to speak as slow as possible.

"Ah, I see," bewilderment made up most of his expression. His mouth somewhat dangled open, and his eyes flashed briefly. However, he attempted to cover up his confusion with a guffaw, but I knew it was too late for him to do so. I could already tell that he was thrown aback by his best friend's actions.

Seb had waited for me unexpectedly beside the lockers after Adelynn and Aly left for their respective classes. He claimed that he wanted to talk to me, but when I asked what it was about, he simply gave me a gentle smile and stayed quiet about the real answer.

For past years, I would often observe him going to class with Edward, but sometimes he was accompanied by one or two of his basketball teammates. It was unusual to see that he wasn't tagging along with them, but I decided to refrain from asking such a question... otherwise it made me seem like I wanted him to scram off me.

I looked back inside my bag where underneath all of my school belongings, sat my two lunch boxes. The first one was the leftovers of the red velvet cake that I had received yesterday. I just hope that it stays cool until lunch time.

The second one was a small baguette that Mom had made along with me after dinner. She had packed the warm food neatly, and there was margarine on the side. Realizing that I didn't forget to bring the bread this time, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Finally, I brought it with me this time...

"Speaking of Ed... I heard that you girls are visiting him today," I jerked my head up when I found out that Seb still continued with his conversation. He was sitting with his legs spread open, while his elbow rested on the top of the chair. He then leaned himself closer to me as if he wanted me to listen to him clearly, maintaining his eye contact.

"Y-yup," I nodded, "are you going to come too?"

"I visited him last afternoon with Florie. Besides, I can't join in... I need to help my parents prepare a show after school," Seb explained.

"How was Ed w-when you saw him?" I questioned.

"He's pretty much still burning," he folded his arms and sighed in defeat, "ugh, he has always been sick ever since he started working. Lynn and I told him countless times that his body isn't strong enough for excessive labour and such, but he never listens and disregards every of our warnings."

From his hopeless tone, I could tell that Seb was as frustrated as Adelynn as they coped with Edward's adamant attitude... which was one of his traits that seemed to have never changed from his childhood...

"I won't ever give up! I don't want to be a quitter for this reason!" Edward's childlike voice echoed inside my head as I remembered him struggling to ride a bicycle. He continuously tumbled down as he tried to balance himself, and I have to help him up. I tried telling him to stop as both of his knees were covered up with wounds, but that was his answer.

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