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Chapter Eleven- I’m Hanging By A Moment Here With You

The end of January was coming close, very close. Almost all of the big important wedding plans had been made, and those that haven’t would be made soon. I was exhausted. I was tired of not being able to sleep at night wondering and fearing February Ninth. What if something went wrong? What if we were moving too fast? What if, and I knew this was going to happen; I made a fool of myself? What if this suffocating feeling only increases?

Tom had tried to calm me down, and easily failed. He was use to being around a lot of people staring at him and etc. I had never been the center of attention. Not to mention that more than half of the guest list, who are very important people, I don’t even know.

The stress just piles up on more stress that piles up on more stress. I felt like a mess; my mind was all over the place. I don’t remember the last night I got more than five hours of sleep, and I can’t remember the last meal that I actually finished. And in the back of my mind a wedding dress and note were haunting me.

Today though was the day we were going to finalize bridesmaids dresses. We had found a couple of them the last girls meeting we had, but now we have to pick one, so Taylor and Sarah are coming over to the house; or should be since Taylor is calling me right now.

“Hey” I answered as I fiddled with making the bed.

“Hey I don’t think that I can come today” Taylor sighed.

I abruptly stopped making the bed. “What? No, you have to be here today. I swear if you are just making excuses so that you can stay in bed with Chase all day I am going to kill you.”

“Look I want to come, but I have to babysit Flynn today” She said sounding out of breath,

“Really? Just bring him along, I haven’t seen him since he was five” I said smiling. Flynn was one of Taylor’s younger brothers and my favorite little boy.

“Cassie he would only cause distraction, so just do stuff without me today” She sighed, again.

“Okay Tay I said bring him over here and I mean it. I want to see him and I’ll help you watch over him. We are staying in the house as far as I know anyway”

I heard the annoying door bell go off down stairs. I quickly flung the pillows on the bed and started heading down the stairs. “I have to go but if you’re not here in an hour, you will have to deal with me”

“Bridezilla” She mumbled.

“What was that?” I asked lightly.

“Nothing, I’ll be over there soon” She said annoyed.

“Alright, see you then” The horrid noise filled the house again, as I hit the bottom step and hung up the phone.

I wrenched the door open before the door bell could go off again to see Sarah. Her long dark hair curled down her shoulders as her hands placed over her ears, she looked at me very annoyed. “What the hell is that?” she asked.

I rolled my eyes and brought her in. “The door bell’s broken…sort of. I know it’s annoying” I closed the door behind her.

“Am I the first one here?” She asked, her pink nose starting to fade back into her normal pale complexion.

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