Vermilion red blood trickled down my battered face, marking its territory on the cold, concrete floor. Whether it was his blood or mine, I don't know. "You're making it way harder than it has to be, Charlie!" I announced, spitting out the blood that was gathering in my mouth, and clutching my silver dagger wearily in my hand. You see, Charlie was a powerful demon that needed to die. He killed my parents. But not only them, but dozens, maybe even hundreds of innocent people. It had to stop.

"Oh I beg to differ, my dear Jo, I'm just getting started." He said with a playful grin. "And you will be surprised by how much harder it will be getting for you." Charlie is a mischievous demon that is always up to no good, and is always making himself harder to kill. His current vessel is 5ft 10in, with slightly spiked chestnut hair, brown eyes and a chiseled jaw. 

"What the hell is that supposed to mean, Charlie?" I questioned vigilantly, wondering what was meant by the phrase. " Well, you see Jo, I'm getting a bit tired of our little game of cat and mouse, and thought I'd mix it up a little, so I thought..." "Hurry with the explanation Charlie, I'm getting bored." Charlie tutted. "Temper, temper. You know I loathe it when people interrupt me... I just have no time for it. I'm going to come back when your not so... bitchy." And in what seemed like a blink of an eye, Charlie turned around and vanished from the dark alley way, leaving me... alone.

I dusted myself off and slowly dragged myself to my house and unlocked the door. The smell of lavender instantly hit my nose and I felt like some of my pain had been lifted by the light and airy-ness that the room possessed. "How'd it go?" I heard a familiar voice ask. It was Everlyse. Everlyse is an angel who helps me fight, and defeat all forces of evil that I encounter. She is also my best friend. "He got away...again." I admitted. I couldn't hide the disappointment in my voice. "No problem, we'll soon find him again." said Eve. She then sat on the kitchen step next to me "Look, Jo, why don't you take a break for the rest of the day? You could go and call Gabby, you haven't seen her in ages. I'll heal you up and then you can go and take your mind off of things for the time being." Apart from Eve, Gabby was one of my best friends. But, sadly, after I became a hunter we hadn't kept in touch.  "Thanks for your concern Eve, but I'm fine" I said, putting my hand to my head, forgetting that there was a cut there. "Ow!" I exclaimed, as pain shot through my system. Eve chuckled lightly to herself "I can see it in your eyes" she said softly. "You've burned yourself out. And if your gonna beat this guy, you have to rest up!"

She was right, she knew I knew she was right, but i didn't want to show it. Eve healed my wounds, which took less time than I expected. Soon thereafter, she announced, "I'm going to see if Castiel knows any other hunters that can help you." "Wait, who's Castiel?" I enquired. "Well, it's hard to explain, but I guess you could say that he's like, my... co-worker." She smiled. "Ok, so let me get this straight... he's an angel too right?" I asked, frankly still quite confused. Everlyse rolled her eyes,"Of course he is! Now, if you'll excuse me, If I'm going to be back here to update you anytime soon, I have to go now. He's very hard to find, you know." She gave me a quick wink and disappeared. 

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