I heard him chucks. 'As you wish, Alpha.'

Kael easily zig zag between them and try to slow them down by tackling them down while I running, almost on 4 and try to reach and grab their legs to trip them over. Majority of them manage to block or dodge our attack but some didn't see that coming and they stumble and rolling on the ground, groaning in short pain.

When the river was near, I made my way to the front and leap over the running water first. My feet land on the ground gracefully and I spin around to see who is the last person to cross the river.

Everyone cross the river and the last person was a shy seventeen years old girl name Nyla. People might think her weak with her small figure and shy attitude but I saw her potential when she tried to defend herself as some of my pack members bullied her 4 months ago. Their only excuse was because I let in a weak rogue into our pack. But I unconsiously jump into her memories and found out that she has been a rogue for almost 3 years, after her Alpha kicked her out for being a late shifter. A young werrwolf first shift is around the age of 14 or 15 but she was turned after her Alpha throw her out for being a 'late bloomer'. What I saw in front of me is a survior which makes her a mature fighter.

Instead of punishing my pack members for their unacceptable action, I challenge them to fight against her. They thought I was joking but the look on my face must have tell them that I was freaking serious. They obeied and of course having a small body size make them underestimate her but once she step into the ring, they'll have a second thought of it. She wasn't as weak as she look like and she has a strong fighting spirit that strong enough to bring Felix down.

Nyla landed with a small thud and she bow at me and smile sheepishly at Kael. "I err, I guess I'll take that 5 morning running."

I smirk at her and mess with her brunette hair. 'Keep it up, kiddo.' I said.

She blushed and nods. "I will, Alpha."

I turn around to see a pair of ocean blue eyes watching me with awe and proud. I didn't realise he was there and the way he is staring at me right now sent a wave of shivers all over me. I took a few step forward and greet him. 'Alpha Blackwood.'

He chucks but play along. "Alpha Stormrage." He crook his head to look behind me. "I see you guys having a fun with your short run, ea?"

I glance behind me to see some of my pack members exchange some money since they lost a bet. They were aiming Rico to be the last person since they have teamed up and try to slow him down but Rico somehow manage to get past through them. I chuck and shrug. 'We just can't help it.' I said to Ian. 'Ready for some action?'

Ian stepped closer until we're just an inch away with a foxy smile on his face. His forest and cologne scent invade my air and I couldn't help but to purr at his addictive scent. Ian wrap an arm around my waist and tug me to him. I let out a gasp and seems to forget that my pack members are a few steps away from us.

Ian place his lips at my ear and growl lowly. "Can't wait for your actions, Selyen." He whisper seductively and Diane purr harder.

I'm sure my face has gone red in embarrassment at his double meaning statement and when some of my pack members, including Sam and Ruby, let out a whistle, an awkward clearing throat sounds and whisper shout, "yeah! Go get him, Alpha."

I shove Ian away and he laughs at my red face before planting a kiss on the crown of my head. "Come on, folks. Let's get this show on."


Ian lead us to the arena and I could hear some chears from it. It's the second time I step into the arena and it still amaze me that this small arena was big enough filled with a crowd of audience. It has amazing structure and pattern, almost like a mini Collesium. Witchcraft. Almost every impossible is possible to them.

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