My Best Friends Brother

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I slipped into my cheerleading outfit and ran into the stadium.

The crowd cheered widely when they saw me and I waved at them, plastering a huge smile on my face.

I reached the rest of the cheer team and gave them my winning smile.

"Who are we?!" I yelled.

"The tigers!" they answered.

"Who are we?!" I yelled again, my voice rising in volume.

"The tigers!" They yelled,

"Who are we again?" I asked them softly,

They didn't dissapoint, they screamed- "The tigers!!!!!!!"

Most cheer squads don't do this before a game, I would know- I see their peperations before a big game.

But I guess you can say that Lancer Highschool is a bit strange.

Seriously though, it gets really competitive....and awkward in this school.

Whether or not you are doing extra curricular activities (as in sports people!...not anything else!) or your just a big nerd and you don't really do any sports.

And no chess club does not count.

Back to my point- the people in my school are just really competitive, shallow and slightly annoying.

Which may sound pretty hipocritical of me to say since I am a cheerleader.

But I'm not that kind of cheerleader.

I know what your thinking, 'What is this chic talking about?', well let me put this into simple words- I'm a cheerleader, I'm popular and I'm nice.

Now how about that?



this idea just came to me! a day dream, but whatever! :P

I think I may know where this story is going...but I'm not to sure.

So be patient with me.

I love you!

I'll try to write as often as possible!!

I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy it as the story continues,

so yeah!, that's it!

...and if u feelin extra nice 2day u can go and read my other book- 'More Than A Love Song'

if u don't read, life goes on :D


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