The Fight

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Tall, talented and young, but I saw intelligence, kind and loving.

How could I be that how could I come to deserve someone so good?

For who I am right now I am lost in the crowd but I want to be seen.

I stumbled, fall and am mistaken, but do you see...

The love, how I try, the twinkle in my eye that says I am going to win?

No!? Well how could you I looked at you but you never really saw me.

One day I will be where I want to be, and you will see...

You'll look back to the day we met and say "was this always there?".

With out pause, in reply "No... but nor where you and now you are".

Than you'll realize and smile I wasn't just ever fighting for me...

There was you to fight for, a passion that wanted to burn, a life unique.

Turning away from me embarrassed for not knowing you leave.

You lose your self in thought like I once did for you...

I'll be there waiting to hold you and you'll know I really do love you.

The tie will be strong, and there will be a passion no one can take.

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