Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Justin couldn't even begin to count how many times those words had flown out of his mouth when he was growing up or how many times Olivia had said them. For any little insult that he and Olivia threw at each other, be it about that Olivia's pajamas were funny looking or that Justin was starting to grow a mustache, the words were quickly shouted, screamed, taunted, or any variation possible and then they would laugh.

Insults were always so easily thrown about when Justin and Olivia were children. It wasn't odd for one of them to call the other a loser or when they were kids they would sprout out long, convoluted insults about being supersonic disconnected idiots and what not, but as kids it never really meant much. They were just petty little insults; even when the insults were a little bit too personal they were still juvenile diatribes.

Jaxon had always been the one when they were younger who would take the insults too far. In elementary school, it had been stupid little things like Justin still wetting the bed when he was ten even though it was false. When it came to insulting Olivia, Jaxon always targeted her lack of interaction with kids, going so far as calling her a social pariah though at seven the word choice went a little more like, "Olivia has cooties that's why she doesn't talk to anyone."

When they got older, Jaxon started targeting the two of them and the close relationship they had. He would make lewd comments, usually garnering odd looks from all of their friends because everyone knew that Justin and Olivia were just friends. They would all scoff and brush it aside knowing that anything he was saying about the two "bumping uglies" was falser than the breasts on a porn star.

Though there had always been one person that thought Justin and Olivia would end up together: Katie Weber. Countless times, she had made little comments about how the two were made for each other. That fate had brought them together, that it was written in the stars. She would make remarks about how they would finish each other's sentences and knew exactly what the other wanted to do by just looking at them. When the two would argue that all best friends could do that, Katie would shake her head and roll her eyes, saying they were just fighting it.

When Katie had heard the story of how they met because of Olivia's mother at the supermarket, she had laughed out loud and shouted, "You see, that's fate". Justin could never forget the look on Katie's face as she said it. "That's kismet, you guys. Stuff like that doesn't happen without reason. You two are meant to be with each other."

Those words always resonated with Justin, but he had never really given it much thought until now, as he watched Olivia crying from across the room.

"We need to talk."

Justin kept repeating the four words in his head as he stumbled back onto the bed. Four words had never sounded more daunting and ominous in his entire life. In his head he heard them like a haunting symphonic tune, violins blaring and organ pounding, as he watched Olivia slowly and timidly came to sit beside him.

"We need to talk about us."

His mind raced as he sat down on the soft mattress. He couldn't even begin to conjure up all the possibilities of the conversation, the directions it could go, what would be said. He could think of two, and only two and neither one was good. Neither one of them involved a remotely decent conclusion. The end was all Justin could imagine. This is the end, he kept thinking. I've lost her forever.

The tension in the room was thick, palpable really; it was suffocating and he could tell it wasn't just him that it was affecting. It hung heavy in the air and affected Justin in a way he couldn't describe. It almost felt like a dark cloud was looming over the two of them.

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