Chaper 8

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Riles what was going on in that stall umm nothing Riley! don't lie to me I'm not I promise ok I believe u now lets get to class at class this girl came and sat behind farkle and started flirting with while giving Maya and Riley an evil eye hey wats yo name hottie it's farkle and wats yo name it's Windy can i have your phone number sure and who's the sluts in front of u Riley and Maya Riley blurted out loud zays my boyfriend really she ask YESSS really prove it to me k she walk over to zay and kiss him there now do you believe me Lucus is my boyfriend to really prove it fine I will she kiss Lucus now do u believe me and Farkle has a girlfriend can u prove that to me yes I can smackle come in the class room your hitting on my boyfriend bitch u ugly he's probably cheating on u with one of your best friends no I'm not farkle says man calm down yea dude the windy walk other to Riley and push her on the floor u will never have a boyfriend then Maya smackle zay Lucus push her then Riley ran out of class and everyone stared at farkle I better go talk to her she ran to the janitors closet then Farkle open the door Riley yelled go away look u kissed zay and said he was your boyfriend u was flirting with a girl and gave her your number and u let her call u a hottie and let's call me and Maya a slut look I'm sorry are u really sorry or is just one of your lies no then prove it to me that's wat I thought she was about to leave before farkle held her hand and slammed her against the door and started to kiss her neck she moan and farkle lock the door and he started kissing her and someone knock on the door riles u ok yea well your dad is asking u to come back to class ok on my way shit why can't me and u get some alone time idk he sat her on his lap while his hands are in her shirt touching her stomach she laid her head back then he realized that he gave her a hikky but didn't say anything and moved his hands to her boobs danmm they sofe as hell ok we need to get to class now

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