Chapter 1

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Byron Rhodes pulled up outside his house and turned his car off. He then sat staring at the front door and wished he didn't have to go in.

He was the alpha's only child and he knew his parents loved him unconditionally, yet he felt as if he was a failure, a failure to his family and his pack.

You see, for some reason the alpha gene had passed him by and he was a...well, the pack called him their 'peacemaker' he called himself a freak.   He gave a sigh, honestly he wasn't quite sure what he was exactly, just that he wasn't an Alpha. It was something unheard of until Byron was born. Nobody seemed to know how the alpha gene had passed him by since his father was of alpha blood, his mother beta; but it had.

Now, he wasn't mistreated, in fact he was well loved by everyone in the pack. He had the kind of personality that drew people together and his calm voice seemed to calm even the angriest, wolfish temper. His mom often called him her 'little peacemaker', but he didn't want to be a peacemaker, he wanted to be Alpha, like his father.

He gave a sad sigh and opened his car door, stepping out and closing it.

"Son, is that you?" He heard as he walked into the house.

"Yeah dad, it's me."

"Come into my office, I need to talk to you." His father said then.

Byron straightened his shoulders and did as he was asked.

"Have a seat son." Dad said.

He sat and took a good look at his dad, who was an older version of himself, with his blonde hair and blue eyes.

Dad didn't usually look old enough to have a twenty-four-year-old son because werewolves tended to age slower. Today though, his dad looked older than his forty-five years. His eyes were red with bags under them from lack of sleep. They had been battling with rogues on their borders and it was becoming a problem.

"You look tired dad; you should get some sleep." I said.

"You sound like your mom now." He said rubbing his scruffy jaw. "I'll sleep, soon. I wanted to tell you I think I've found a young man to start interning as my replacement. I'm getting too old for these rogues and all the paperwork they cause me to have." He joked.

"I'm sorry dad, I know you wouldn't have this burden if..."

"Don't son, it's fine. I know you feel as if you are a disappointment to your mom and me but you're not. Besides, not all Alpha's hand their titles down to their sons, and this pack has been more peaceful since you were born. You have played a big role in that. The moon goddess knew we needed peace and..." He sighed shaking his head.

We had been over this ground before and I knew he hated repeating himself.

I'll just say this; our pack had been a blood thirsty bunch of wolves when my dad had taken over. Granddad had lost his mate and went nuts leading the pack into slaughtering other packs for fun. Dad had fought him for the rule of the pack as soon as he was old enough. Dad still cringes when he remembers those dark days.

"Anyway, the young man I'm bringing in needs a pack. He has a brother that also carries the alpha gene, so rather than them fighting for the right of their pack I thought he could take over this one. First though, I wanted you to meet him, talk to him, see if he will be a good leader."

"Dad, I don't know about..."

"Son, you're good at reading people. I've talked about you enough that he knows who you are, but still, I think this would be a good thing for you to do and it will give me peace. I need some peace right now son and you can just somehow know what kind of person he is." Dad said softly. "You may not have the strength of an Alpha, but you are not weak either."

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