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Lucy's P.O.V.

Me and Natsu were reviewing the plans one last time, changing a few things, when the door knocked.

"I'll get it!" Asuka giggled and skipped to the door.

Natsu's eyes widened and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back.

"No Asuka. I've got it. I know who it is. Can you take Wendy upstairs please?"
"Okay! Heehe!"

He smiled genuinely as she giggled and grabbed Wendy's hand, pulling her upstairs.

I gulped and took his hand, wrapping my fingers around his.

He opened the door and my dad stared at me.


He reached his arms for me and I yelped, hiding behind Natsu.

Natsu growled and gripped my arm.

"What do you want?"
"I need to talk to her, please."
"You ain't goin anywhere with her without me here."
"Child, it's about you."
"All the more reason to listen."

He sighed and nodded.


He sat on the couch and I crawled in Natsu's lap, placing my hands on his thighs.

"What do you want?"
"Stop touching him like that!"
"No! He's my fiancé dad! I can touch him how I want!"

She rubbed her hands up my waist and I blushed heavily, shivering with delight uncontrollably.

"Oh Natsu..."

I blushed more as she crawled up to me, kissing me, obviously wanting to make her father mad.

I kissed her back and she broke away, then smiled at me. I smiled back and brushed the hair away from her eyes.


I stopped and Lucy looked back.

"I get it!! You two are fuck buddies! Just stop it!"
"Fuck buddies?"
"What the hell dad?! I love him!! He's not a damn fuck buddy! He's my fiancé and my forever lover!!"

I nodded and held her close, kissing her ear.

Her dad was pissed and I sighed.

"What did you want to ask sir?"

He took a deep breath and let it out.

"I don't want you to marry this boy Lucy. He's too harsh and rough with your fragile heart."

I felt anger boil in me, but Lucy shushed me.

"First of all, Natsu is the most gentle, kindest people I've ever met. He cares about me and would never hurt me. Second, I'm not a fragile butterfly dad. So fuck off."
"A young lady should not use that language!"
"Young lady my ass. I'm a human dad. I'm not a little princess that needs to be saved. Natsu's the one that needed to be saved, and that's okay. I'm glad to fill that role. We save each other because we love each other. You save yourself and leave me to drown alone."

Natsu squeezed me and rested his chin on my head, whispering that everything was okay in my ear.

I nodded and nuzzled his neck.

He stared at me and I looked away.

"You abandoned me dad... you left me on my own... I... I just needed somebody to tell me everything was okay after mom died... but... you never did... so I drank my problems away... and I've stopped drinking because of Natsu. He's fixed me... when I was completely broken... he loves me... he's the only one that was there for me... and the least you can do is be happy for me and him..."

His eyes looked broken as he looked down, tears falling.

"I-I'm s-so... so sorry Lucy... I'm... so... sorry..."

I got up from Natsu's lap and he was immediately against it. I pressed my finger on his lips and he sighed. He sat back down, but was anxious.

I crawled on the cushion next to my fathers and combed his messy hair as he cried.

Its always what I did when I was little. It always calmed him down for some reason...

He let out all of his tears and looked at me.

"A-All I want to-o do is b-be happy f-for you and f-fix my m-mistakes.. but.. I... just can't trust him..."
"That's because you haven't given him a reason to trust you dad. Please be at peace you two... I love you both..."

I kissed my dad's cheek and he hugged me tightly.

"I missed my little girl..."
"I missed m-my daddy..."

I cried loudly and held him tighter.

I heard Natsu get more anxious. I knew that when I cried, it didn't matter if someone was already comforting me, he wanted to be there for me.

I heard him get up and felt his arms wrap around my plump tummy. He cuddled into my back and whispered soothing nothings into my ear.

After all of us calmed down, Natsu pulled me back in his lap and held me closely, sitting next to him.

"Listen. We may have our differences, but we both want her to be happy. Truce?"

Natsu held out his hand and he smiled, shaking it with a firm grip.


I sighed happily and cuddled into Natsu. He looked down at me and smiled, then bent over and kissed my tummy.

I forgot my father was there.

And forgot he didn't know about me being pregnant.


Okay, so this chapter is dedicated to my good friend xX_MlgQuikSkoper_Xx
He's just as perverted and funny as me, but doesn't write as many NaLu books as me XD.

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