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Pen Your Pride

XXI ~ Death

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Chapter twenty-one.

I saw how Ayato and Ruki began to throw punches at each other. I was a coward hiding behind a tree. I was the reason they would fight, that they would hate each other, once again.

"She is mine!" Ayato growled, and kicked him to the other side of the forest and I could suddenly hear a loud splash, Ruki must have fallen into the waterfall.

"You can't win against me! I've sucked Yui's blood over a thousand of times! I'm oblivious!" Ayato chuckled,

"You're really pathetic, to think that." Ruki said and used his vampire speed and made a surprise attack at Ayato from behind.

I closed my eyes, I couldn't keep on watching this going on, I need to do something.

I saw how Ruki got a hold of Ayato and began to step on him and kick him on the stomach!

"STOOOP IT!" I cried out,

Both their attention went to me.

Just then I remembered something my mother once told me

Never interfere a vampire when he is fighting, they are not in there right mind at that moment.

I regret it, I was about to hide behind the big old tree but Ayato stood in front of me, with blood running down his chin, I turned around to run but Ruki stood on the other side with blood on his forehead and cheek, dripping down on the moist ground.

"You're not going anywhere!" They both yelled at the same time,

"Please.. Go away." I said scared,

I pushed Ruki out of the way and began running, were? I didn't know, I just kept on running, with my vampire speed. I just wished, just this one time, that I was like I was back then, a monster, a powerful and feared monster: Demon In Disguise V.

I ran while I was busy thinking, and suddenly stumbled on my own feet and fell down with a loud sound on my butt.

"Sh*t, please God, don't let them hear me." I prayed,

"Found ya." I screamed at the top of my lungs, I sat there looking like a hell of a mess.

"Shut up!" Ayato said and slapped my face, pretty hard.

I shut right up when he did so. The only sound I could hear was my own body trembling, and the sound of the animals in the forest and the waterfall.

"That's right, good girl." Ayato whispered into my ear,

I couldn't stop but tremble even more, he's scaring me, he is really scaring me, I've never been so afraid before. Just then I remembered something.. I remembered Ruki's words

I'm not going to be the one to kill you, it's someone else.

And I slowly lifted my head up and meet Ayato's burning gaze, he had a horrific grin on his lips, and just then I realized that he was the one Ruki talked about.

He is my killer.


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