Woman and Man (Part 1)

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Author's Note

This is the last chapter of Storm and Silence, but in a certain cold, calculating businessman's POV. This is my take on it, so please don't comment mean things on it. I am a human too and I have feelings. If you do, I will hunt you down. Mr. Ambrose's personality is a little off, as I want more Lambrose action. Also, I AM NOT SIR ROB. But sorry if it sounds a little similar.


Rikkard Ambrose

I stormed into her....wait no, HIS room as my incompetent secretary did not feel the need to get out with the storm raging on.

'Get up! A storm is coming!' I commanded him.

But he had other plans. He sat there on the bed unmoving and staring at me, clearly ignoring my command. Marching over to him, I grabbed his arm. His arm was so petite and feminine so unlike his fiery personality.

'Get up, I said, Mr Linton! Now!' I once again commanded.

As I take him out of the room and onto the deck, a wave immediately hit us. What luck. I stood my ground as what COULD a wave do to harm us, right? However, he had been thrown back onto the cabin wall and I tightened my hand around his. What the- Why was I wasting time unnecessarily contracting my hand muscles?

'Steady. It's all right. I've got you'

No, I did not say that. That was not me, caring for her.

'Please, ladies and gentlemen! Please, there is no need for concern! Calm down, please!' Turning toward an officer, who was attempting to calm the crowd, I narrowed my eyes at his futile attempts. 'We are doing everything we can to get the situation under control. Please, ladies and gentle-'

'And how,' I queried, 'do you plan to get a storm under control? Are you Saint Peter? Can you close the sluice gates of heaven and stop lightning from striking us down?' The officer opened his mouth like a gaping fish. I continued, 'How many lifeboats are on this miserable wreck?'

'Please, Sir, you have to stay calm. The captain-'

'The captain obviously isn't worthy of scrubbing the deck of a ship, because it was he who got us into this situation in the first place. Now- how many lifeboats are on this vessel?' I pressed, my voice cold and steel-like.

'Not enough for everybody,' he whispered, so quiet. But everyone heard. Chaos ensued and everyone ran around, panicking. Some people were demanding to see the captain, others were yelling that they would get a spot in the lifeboats.

However, all I heard were the words that measly officer said. Not enough for everybody. Meaning she might not be able to get off the boat. Meaning she might die. No, she can't die. She can't. I dragged her away from the officer and her room. In the distance, I hear:

'Please! Ladies and Gentlemen! This situation is not as dire as it seems. The sea is just a little rough, I assure you. Please stay where you are! We have the situation under complete control. The captain...'

'Where are you going?' she yelled, demanding my attention. 'He said we should stay where we are!'

'He also says they have the situation under control!' I answered, my voice threatening to show my fear. No, I am Rikkard Ambrose, the richest man in all of England. I do not have fear in anything.

She tightened her hold on my hand before she asked, 'Where are we going?'

'I don't know! There must be something! Some way to... You can't... you can't just...' You can't just die, there must be some way to get you off the boat is what I wanted to say, but I just couldn't spit it out. I wanted to kneel onto the ground and yell at the sky and gods for putting us into this situation, but I remained calm. That would not save time and as I always say knowledge is power is time is money. Well, at least I tried to stay calm. Luckily, a voice, amplified by a speaking trumpet, started speaking and drowned out my voice.

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