2. Write What You Enjoy

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When is writing not fun? When it feels like work. If you ever feel like working on your story is an onerous chore, take a break and go for a walk or play some video games. When you feel excited about your story again, then tackle it with enthusiasm!

When the words flow from your fingertips and time whizzes past like unnoticed birds, you are in The Zone. There's nothing else like it! Don't worry about "good" and "bad" while you are in The Zone. These are subjective terms that don't apply to first drafts. (More on first drafts later.) All there is, in that moment, is your vision, and your story. All you should worry about when you are in The Zone is finishing.

Certain genres may be popular right now, and you might feel inclined to write that vampire story because ooooh who doesn't love a good vampire story? (Trust me, plenty of people don't care for vampires. Like me for instance. Yeah yeah, I know, I'm weird. Remember Chapter 1? You can't please everyone.) Write in the genre YOU enjoy. Write characters that you want to hang out with, or want to read about. Write things that interest YOU.

Stephen King, the author that practically every writer wants to be, does this. He dreams up the weirdest plots, and he doesn't sit around agonizing whether people will like it or not. He just writes it, because his whacked out nightmare compels him to, and he has to stay true to his vision. He writes what he enjoys, and this shows in his work. I personally don't care for any of it (it's so creepy!), but millions of people do. Mr. King doesn't give a crap about little ol' me, and it's not because he's famous now. It's because he's never given a crap about the personal preferences of random people. Remember, you can't please everyone.

Joy is contagious, and your enthusiasm will spread through your work. When the right audience reads it, they'll pick up on that, and that's when you've earned a fan. Not everyone will be a fan, and that's okay. Not everyone likes what you like. I like tapioca pudding, and some people are going to think I'm insane and say it's like eating boogers. All I can do is nod, smile, and keep on shoveling that pudding into my mouth. Because mmmMMMMmmmm. :)

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