Capturing Them - The Mature Files!

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Guess what?

Capturing Them is going Mature! But, because I never said at the beginning of the story that it would have mature content, I don't want readers to stop reading because of this so that's why I've The Mature Files.

All scenes that involves any kinds of sexual acts will be put here, still making sense within the story line, just basically a 'cut' scene that isn't and won't be put in the main story.

I'll clearly note in the main story if a Mature scene will be added here. It will then be up to the reader to come and over and reader said scene. I'll clearly state which chapter it's after - with - whatever when I post!

I have no idea when the first post will be. Just know that in these scenes you won't miss anything in actual story line so don't feel you have to read it in case you miss anything, because you won't. It's just the story has taken a huge UNEXPECTED turn and I know that I'm going to have to write mature scenes.

If you've read my Fifty Shades Of Sang story then you'll be familiar with these words!

This story is for 18 or over readers. I can't stop you from reading the story if you are bellow said age. In these scenes you will see sexual acts with a pair, a three or maybe more. If your not into Threesomes, then these scenes won't be for you. If your not following me then do so as I believe the only way you'll get all the chapters is by doing this.

This story is purely Fanfiction! CL Stone owns the boys and the Academy! I'm just pinching them from her to write my own story and what my mind can create for these amazing groups of boys!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Also, if your a new reader and came across this, I do recommend reading Capturing Them first!

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