The Start of Something New

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Trevor's point of view:
I looked around anxiously and bit my lip. The party started and Zendaya is no where to be found. I've texted, called and emailed her and Bella. I have no idea where she could possibly be. This is so embarrassing. All of my colleagues having these beautiful women on their arms and I'm standing here looking like a jack ass.
Then my friend, Ross came over to me. He had a beautiful blonde on his arm. Her breast were practically exposed do to her clearly too small spaghetti strap pink dress.
Ross- Trevor!
Trevor- hey, Ross. How've you been?
Ross- amazing. Trevor, meet my new fiancée, Veronica. Veronica, this is Trevor.
Trevor- nice to meet you.
I shook her hand. She smiled dumbly and nodded. Shame. All body and no brains.
Trevor- she's a doll. What happened to Mikayla?
Her forced smile went away as she looked at him. Ross glared at me. I only smiled. Man, I love starting shit.
Veronica- who's Mikayla?
Ross- she's nobody. Now, where's your date?
My smile was wiped away. I was about to come up with an excuse when Zendaya appeared at the top of the steps. She was wearing the red dress she tried on earlier this week. To be honest, i loved the black dress on her. In fact, I loved it a bit too much. If she wore that, I might have actually caught feelings. And as a young bachelor, I can't be catching feelings. No way. But she doesn't look half bad in this one. She walked down the steps. More like glided. She's so graceful and beautiful. Damnit, Trevor! Stop it! Zendaya walked over to me with a smile toying on her lips.
Zendaya- sorry, I'm late. I was discussing with one of your associates about how profitable the manufacturing department of Jackson Inc. has been over the past courses of months.
She said with a smile. Then she took my arm and held linked hers with mine and smiled up at me. I was in shock. She's really committed to this. I smiled and played along. I looked at Ross and he looked stunned by Zendaya's beauty.
Trevor- Zendaya, this is Ross Butler. Heir to Butler Manufacturing and his fiancée, Veronica.
Zendaya- it's a pleasure to meet you.
Ross- you...too. Wow, Trevor. She's stunning.
Trevor- yes, she is gem, isn't she.
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Ross- she is. When did you first meet?
Zendaya- at a conference in Paris. My ex boyfriend was hosting the affair. He wanted a business deal with Trevor's phenomenal company. Sadly, not only did he lose the deal, but he lost me. Right, honey?
I was impressed. She's an actress.
Trevor- that's right. I won big time.
Ross- that's very nice. So I expect a wedding in the future?
I nearly choked on my own spit. I had no idea what to say. I looked at Zendaya. She seemed very calm.
Zendaya- well, we'll see. Won't we?
Trevor- yes we will. Excuse us.
We walked away from them.
Trevor- you're a liar.
Zendaya- please. I know how to act around the rich. Just act like you got some money and you're in the club.
Trevor- well, yeah. But you lied your ass off.
Zendaya- and saved yours. You choke under pressure.
Trevor- is it that obvious?
Zendaya- yes. I could hear your heart beat.
Trevor- well, I'm not a professional actor.
Zendaya- neither am I, but I think I did pretty good.
I looked around and saw a couple.
Trevor- that's Jason and his little fiancée, Destiny. He's nearly twice her age and she's is in a "delicate condition" if you know what I mean.
Zendaya- she knocked up?
Trevor- yep. See how she's trying to hide it with her clutch?
Zendaya- I didn't know rich people could be hoes.
Trevor- anyone can be a hoe. Oh, and that's the Rousseau family. The father, David struck gold with his invention of the holographic iPad. (It doesn't exist. Just go with it). They're called, "new money".
Zendaya- and you're what? Old money?
Trevor- no. Im filthy fucking rich.
Zendaya- and not modest about either.
Trevor- I take pride in my family's accomplishments. I went from buying cocaine down the block from my house to buying half the stores in Manhattan.
Zendaya- you were a druggy?
Trevor- there's so much that you don't know.
I sighed and continued walking. Soon, the night slowed and Zendaya and I were walking back to my place. It isn't what you think. Most of the guests were staying in the building for the night and I didn't want people to talk. When we walked in, i took off my jacket and tie. Zendaya just kinda meandered around.
Trevor- you okay.
Zendaya- dude, my old apartment could fit in this place. And it still would take up like a 1/4 of the space.
Trevor- it's not that big.
Zendaya- classic rich person response.
Trevor- I'm serious. My parents' house is bigger.
Zendaya- did you buy it?
Trevor- no. My father did. They live Los Angeles with my brother. I wanted to stay here.
Zendaya- why?
Trevor- unfinished business. Something just tells me that it isn't time to leave yet.
She nodded and continued looking around.
Trevor- shoes.
Zendaya- right.
She took off her heels and gave them to me. I placed them next to mine by the door. When I looked up, Zendaya was gone. Where the hell did she go?
It was Zendaya. I followed the sound and found her. She was in my lounge. She was standing by my piano.
Zendaya- you play?
Trevor- I used to. It's been so long. Now it's just there for decoration.
She took her finger and wiped one of the keys. Gray dust was left on her finger.
Zendaya- clearly.
Then she walked to my fish tank.
Zendaya- they're all angel fish.
Trevor- yeah. They're my favorite.
Zendaya- they're pretty. Quick question.
Trevor- sure.
Zendaya- how did you get all this?
I sat in my recliner and poured myself some tequila. Zendaya sat on of the arm and took her hair out of its bun.
Trevor- my mom found love with a rich man. She was a burlesque dancer. He came in, saw her, fell in love and next thing I knew, we're in New York on 5th avenue.
Zendaya- so your mom stripped and just so happened to meet a rich guy. Yo, I gotta get on a pole.
Trevor- she wasn't a stepper. She was a burlesque dancer. There's a difference.
Zendaya- how would you know?
I didn't say anything. I just nonchalantly drank my glass. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.
Zendaya- pig.
Trevor- please. Like you haven't seen a real like Magic Mike.
Zendaya- I don't do those things. I'm saved.
She said acting all shocked. I laughed.
Trevor- bullshit!
Zendaya- okay, so I've been to the strip club. But I don't touch them. They touch me.
Trevor- I believe it.
Zendaya- hush. You're a lot more fun drunk.
Trevor- I'm not drunk. You're just blurry. I'm not wearing my contacts.
Zendaya- yeah, okay. You're drunk.
Trevor- bull crap.
Zendaya- yes.
Trevor- no, I'm not.
Zendaya- okay. I'm going to get a snack.
Trevor- kitchen is to the right.
Zendaya- thanks.
She got up and ran to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of grapes. She sat back down in her original spot.
Zendaya- so what's the sleeping arrangement looking like?
Trevor- you get the bedroom. I get the couch.
Zendaya- well, how generous.
Trevor- I know, I'm a saint right? Follow me.
I got up and walked to my bedroom. When we got to my bedroom, Zendaya looked stunned.
Zendaya- this is your bedroom?
Trevor- I know. It's smaller than the rest of my apartment.
Zendaya- my old apartment was the size of this room alone.
She twirled and collapsed on my bed. She jumped what she realized it was a water bed.
Zendaya- I've died and gone to heaven.
Trevor- well, little angel, here's a t-shirt if you wanna get out of that dress.
Zendaya- thanks. I wanna take this off before I ruin it. This dress is probably worth more than my future.
Trevor- well, I for one think your future is going to be worth more than the dress.
Zendaya- why do you say that?
Trevor- just a hunch. Here.
I handed her my old Bob Marley t-shirt and she went to the bathroom to change. I changed into a black t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Then Zendaya came out the bathroom. My shirt looked like a mini dress on her.
Zendaya- well? Am I red carpet ready?
I smiled and sat down on my bed.
Trevor- you look lovely.
I said genuinely. Her cheeks reddened as she turned away awkwardly. I get it. She probably didn't expect me to say something like that.
Zendaya- I thought black wasn't my color.
My smiled disappeared as I got recollection of what I'd said earlier this week. I sighed and stood up, walking over to her. She backed up slightly.
Trevor- I only said that so you wouldn't wear the dress.
Zendaya- why? Did it look ugly on me?!
Trevor- of course it didn't, Zendaya!
Zendaya- than why?!
Trevor- cause I didn't think I could control myself if you wore the black one! Okay?!
I shouted, annoyed at her. She looked at me confused.
Zendaya- what?
Trevor- you looked so beautiful in that dress, Zendaya. You don't even know. I can't even fathom how beautiful you are. But I've already slipped up once with you. I couldn't do that again. That's why I lied and said those things.
I looked at her and saw her looking at me in a strange way. A strange and intriguing way. I walked closer to her and she walked backwards. The kept walking until she hit the wall. I stood before her and wrapped my arms around her waist.
Trevor- I knew that if I saw you in that dress; with your sexy ass long legs, I'd lose it.
I lifted her right leg and wrapped it around my waist. She didn't resist whatsoever. Then I kissed her. She kissed me back. I slowly pulled away and backed up, dropping her leg.
Trevor- clearly, you see what the color black does to me.
Zendaya- all the girls in building wear black. What's so special about when I wear it?
Trevor- I don't know. Something about you is different. You turn something on in me. You light a fire in me I didn't know I had.
Zendaya- I don't know what this means. What does this mean?
Trevor- I don't know. Zendaya, I know I was an ass to you. But I wanna start over. Start anew.
Zendaya- I'd like that. But I'm not a girl who likes her emotions toyed with. So if you better mean this. Do we have a deal?
Trevor- yes, ma'am.
Zendaya- good. Now it's 2:28. We gotta get some sleep.
Trevor- yeah you're right.
She walked over to the bed and laid down. I was about tot walk out the room.
Zendaya- Trevor?
I stopped and looked back at her.
Zendaya- stay?
I smiled and nodded. I climbed into bed and she wrapped my arms around her. This put a big goofy smile on my face.
Zendaya- goodnight, Trevor.
Trevor- goodnight, Zendaya.
And the two of us fell asleep like that.
When I woke up, I slowly but surely got out of bed without waking up Zendaya. Which was hard cause we were sleeping in a water bed. Every move you make is noticed when you are in a water bed. I'm just saying. Anyway, I snuck quietly out the bedroom and into the the kitchen. It's only proper for me to cook Zendaya breakfast after she didn't that favor for me last night. I pulled out some eggs, bread and fruit salad. After putting the toast in the toaster, I started cooking the eggs. Then I heard a buzz. I looked around and saw the source. It was Zendaya's cell phone. Not trying to be nosy, but what I saw got me so heated. It was a fucking dick pic of some scrawny white boy! Next to the picture, it said:
Justin: wanna hop on dis 2nite?🍆🍆🍆
SHE'S TALKING TO SOME WHITE BOY THINK HE A NIGGA THAT CANT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH?! Nah, I know she ain't my girl, but Zendaya has got a lot of explaining to do when she wakes the fuck up.

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