A simple love potion

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Pansy had taken Whitney into Knocturn Alley where they had a specially designed love potion made just for Draco. The power behind the said potion was dangerously strong as a wizard would do anything, even kill for the one it made him love. The two had now returned to the party and suggested they bring in the drinks for a toast. Before they brought in the drinks they slipped a love potion in the cup that was for Draco and then passed them out.

Pansy rose. "I'd like to announce my engagement to Braxton Lestrange"

Draco stood and rose his glass, a smile across his face. "Welcome to the family" he nodded curteously and then brought the cup to his lips, everyone then followed suit.

Pansy smiled the moment Draco dropped his cup and look around. For the longest moment all eyes were on him. Pansy got up and walked into the other room where Whitney was.

"The potion has worked, when you go in their and he announces his love for you reject it with as much reason as possible. Lets not make it to obvious because his wife will catch on. No matter what you say he will come to you." Pansy then left to go to the loo and Whitney headed into the dining room and sat down before she began eating.

"Whitney" Draco breathed. "I love you"

Hermione spit out her drink and set the glass on the table. "What did you just say?"

Draco turned to Hermione. "I love Whitney."

Whitney felt her stomach do exciting flip flops, Pansy was right it worked. She had to mentally count to five and settle down. "Draco, do you hear what you are saying? You have a wife 3 children and another on the way."

"I don't care" Draco practically whined. "I love you, I always have I was just afraid to tell you."

Whitney wiped her mouth and got to her feet. "I think I will be leaving, Draco I think you have had a little too much to drink. Hermione I am sorry" She said quickly before she walked from the room.

Draco moved to follow her but Hermione grabbed Draco's arms. Every person at the table had their eyes on the two.

"Where are you going Draco?"

"I'm going to get Whitney, she doesn't have to leave she can stay."

"No- you will leave her alone. I don't know what has gotten in you but you need to fix it and fast."

"This is my house, I can have whoever I want here Hermione." Draco argued.

"It may have slipped your mind Draco but remember I am a Malfoy, this is my home to. I take care of it, keep it clean and more while you are at work." Hermione hissed. "You know what? Get out!" Hermione snapped.

Draco's eyes widened at her words. "You are kicking me out of my own house?"

Without answering Hermione grabbed him by his jacket and dragged him through the room to the front door. Picking up his keys and wallet she shoved it at him and then pushed him through the open door. "You have a flat in London go stay there until you have sorted out your priorities. I don't need the kids seeing their father like this especially Livelex she looks up to you." Hermione slammed the door in Draco's face and walked back into the kitchen. "Er, Dinner is over you can all go I need to get the kids to bed."


Draco drove the 30 minutes into London and headed inside to his flat. Despite their argument Draco had only one thing on his mind and that was Whitney. He settled inside and decided to call her.

"Draco?" Whitney said casually.

"Hermione kicked me out, I'm staying at my flat you are welcome to come over."

"Really are you sure?"

"Yeah I'm positive. The spare key is hidden in the planter by the door you have to dig a few inches to get to it though."

"Okay I'm on my way."

Draco hung up and headed into the kitchen where he grabbed a bottle of 1907 Heidsieck wine from the wine rack. He stared at it. The wine itself cost $275k and was only a prop as he didn't want to drink it because of its value. Without a second thought he took out his wand and uncorked it before taking the longest swig from it. He smacked his lips admiringly before setting the bottle back down when the door opened.

He turned around and smiled at Whitney who walked in and smiled at him. She removed her coat and set it on the coat rack before she moved forward into the light. Without a second of hesitation Draco moved forward and began kissing Whitney, their tongues did a tango as they pressed up against one another. Draco's hands began exploring the simple silk gown that she was wearing. His hands moving south ever so slowly.

Draco pulled back once he noticed his pants were getting a bit too tight from his bulging erection. Whitney looked down at it and smiled before she pulled him against her body. She moaned slightly as she felt the longing of feeling him inside her as his erection pressed against her pelvis.

Slowly Draco reached down and began undoing his pants before he kicked them off. In a matter of 3 minutes they stood infront of one another naked. In one swift movement Draco lifted Whitney off her feet and used the wall as leveridge while he slipped between her legs and inside her. They two brought their lips together once more and continued kissing passionately while they made love. After thirty minutes of moans and groans Draco released all the pressure that welled up inside him, passing his orgasm to Whitney.  Soon enough after Whitney and Draco collapsed onto the floor panting.

"I love you Draco" She murmered.

"I love you too." Draco replied.

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