Chapter 1 - In the Forest

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Narrator's POV

The crispy cold air blew against her delicate creamy skin as she stood there in the woods. The towering green trees right above her and the moon shining splendidly bright. She smiled slightly walking deliberately, not knowing where she would end up. Her long dark black consecutive hair whisking in the ventilation air.

With her delightful pleasent Australian Shepherd Bella. Living alone with her by her side daily in a cabin, here in the Forest. Both of them took daily walks each day and this one wasn't like any of the other normal walks.

She came to a cease and slowly flickered looking up as she saw a extensive building made out of lubricious elm wood. She boggled peering at it. She has been in this forest for numerous years and has never seen that particular building. Feasibly because she never been this far away into the forest.

She took bitty steps making her way up the wooded building. Bella smelled around the area and Maria could see her agonizing in the corner of her eye.

"It's okay... Bella..." She rumbled blandly patting her back. "It's okay..."

Bella pacified gradually. Maria came to a stop, few feet away from the colossal doors. She was always alone with Bella and she never feared from anything. She walked conveniently to the doors tapping on them.

No answer.

The door creaked open making an icky sound. Bella stood on guard. Nobody was there, the whole place was inhibited and cimmerian. As much as Maria wanted to walk in, Bella was stiff. She couldn't trust anyone or anything due to her past. All that was important to her was Maria. Bella knew she had to conserve and protect Maria at all costs.

"It's okay.." Maria repeated.

Maria took a petite step making her way inside. She couldn't see anything, it was as dark as a dungeon. She gulped down erratically, taking more small steps.

"Hello..?" She called. "Anybody in here?"

With that a loud boisterous storm paralyzed Maria in her tracks. She was never this afraid, she controlled her own life. Getting up when people dragged her down. She got used to this cruel world.

A shadow suddenly appeared near a long window. Maria's eyes shot open and she quickly blinked when the shadow vanished. Bella started barking uncontrollably.

Another thunder storm froze Maria once again in her tracks. That's when she saw the shadow turn into a figure. She saw someone with long black cape and a skeletons mask.

She couldn't reciprocate, she looked up and the figure stayed there without moving. It leisurely reached into it's mask and pulled it down.

"Did I scare you..?" He asked.

Maria looked at the guy and gulped down, not knowing what he would do

Maria looked at the guy and gulped down, not knowing what he would do. He had nice large eyes and that's all she could see.

"Wh-who are you..?" She asked.

"I should be asking you that" He said raising his eyebrows.

"I...uh... I've never seen you, around here" She mumbled.

"I haven't seen you around here as well.." He chuckled.

" here" Maria said straightening herself.

"I live here, you're in my house" He corrected.

"Oh.. well, not here. I live on the otherside of the forest.. in my cabin" Maria spoke.

"That's odd, I wonder why we've never seen each other" He smiled walking over to a torn old couch. He took off his cape throwing it on the couch. "What's your name beautiful?" He asked.

"It's... Maria" She replied nervously.

"I'm Michael, nice to meet you Maria" He smiled.

Michael huh? So, that's his name?

She thought. She looked over at Bella who was snarling at him.

"Your dog hates me" He laughed.

"N-no, she's just overprotective.." She said patting Bella for comfort.

He nodded in aggreement.

"I better get going" Maria said turning away from him. "I'll see you next time" She made her way out the colossal doors.

"You sure will" He muttered smirking.


Later that day Maria arrived back in her cabin with Bella. She opened the creaking door and escorted herself and Bella inside. She sat down on her matt and took the small portrait picture of her parents. Her eyes bulged with forlorn tears. She drifted her meager hands across the picture of both her parents.

"I miss you guys, goodnight.." Maria said kissing the picture of her parents. Bella sniffed Maria and gave her the puppy dog eyes. Maria looked over at Bella and managed a bitty smile.

"I'm not crying... you're here with me Bella" Maria smiled wiping her tears. "Let's sleep.." She said laying herself down as Bella laid right next to her. They drifted off to a deep sleep.


Hey everyone!! How are you all? I hope you liked my first chapter. This is probably the best book I have ever wrote. I'm really excited for the next chapter. There will be many mysterious and dangerous acts also many twists. This chapter is a beginning so it is short but next will be longer. I promise!!!Please leave a feedback!!

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