Chapter 26

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Chapter 26:

Cassie Reynolds

The rest of the weekend consisted of Cassie and Micah cooped up in the condo. Although she felt uncomfortable after what she'd saw Cassie didn't want to say or do the wrong thing. So she played it cool.

"Baby I gotta run to my aunts and shit you gone be cool here by yo self?" Micah asked resting his body on top of hers.

Nodding her head yes Cassie let him kiss her lips before watching him get up to get ready and go. While he laced up his tennis shoes Cassie sat up in the bed running her fingers through her wild hair.

Pulling the sheet to her body Cassie tried to find the courage to ask him the question that had been circling her mind since the night they returned from the hookah bar. A part of her wanted to know yet another part if her wished she knew nothing at all.

"Micah?" She mumbled as he stood grabbing his keys about to leave the room.

Stopping in his tracks he turned on his heels leaning against the door frame giving her his full attention. "Wassup?"

"You wouldn't lie to me right?" Cassie asked biting her lip.

Furrowing his brows Micah stared at her confused before straightening up his look. "Of course I wouldn't. Same for you right?" He asked lifting his brow.

Nodding her head yes Cassie watched as a grin played in his lips. "Good. I love you aight? I'll be back later."

Forcing a smile Cassie nodded. "Love you too babe. See you when you get back."

Once Cassie heard the door close downstairs and the dogs stop barking she jumped out the bed. Quickly getting dressed she grabbed her phone heading into the restroom.

While brushing her teeth she placed the phone on speaker as it rang continuously. "Come on pick up the phone." Cassie groaned before rinsing her mouth.

Finally getting a answer Cassie sighed in relief.

"Cassie it's Sunday morning bitch. I didn't miss church to be awaken out my sleep anyway." Mya complained causing Cassie to suck her teeth.

"I know I know but it's an emergency. If it wasn't important I wouldn't be bothering you. Can you meet me?" Cassie asked jogging downstairs.

"Where Cassie?" Mya asked still upset about being woken up.

"It's a dog park on Leland we can meet there. I'm leaving now." Cassie said hanging up quickly. A trait she'd gotten from Micah.

Passing by the fish tank she eyes the ring that would blend in to the naked eye if they never saw it before. The thing is Cassie had saw that ring so many times that she recognized it immediately.

Shaking her head she rounded up the two dogs before placing both their leashes on. Asesina actually wasn't that bad. It was only when Cassie was close to Micah that the dog grew aggressive.

Once she got them both settled she grabbed the spare key from the counter and exited the house being sure to lock up. Her and the dogs were headed to the dog park to meet Mya.


"Maybe you're getting carried away Cassie." Mya mumbled walking blue as Cassie walked Asesina.

"I know what I saw Mya." Cassie said in a low tone.

"Well pretend you fucking don't. Let him know the ring is in there so he can get rid of it. Be ride or die don't be dumb and die." Mya said seriously.

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