A Good Surprise.

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*Alright my loves, This is the much anticipate chapter you've all been waiting for! I'm posting this before my cousin has given me her feedback, something I do on every chapter

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*Alright my loves, This is the much anticipate chapter you've all been waiting for! I'm posting this before my cousin has given me her feedback, something I do on every chapter. So please excuse any inconsistencies or grammar issues. I wanted to post this before I have to go to work, I didn't want you guys to wait too long after that cliff I left you guys hanging on <3 so without further ado....I hope you enjoy this chapter! *

 I stare at his text, torn at the emotions singing through me. This is what I was hoping for, yet at the same time I'm angry with him. I had a nice enjoyable night with Devin, and it's like he knew, he knew that I could have something with someone else.
I glance at it again.
McSwoony: I'll be at your house at 8AM.
I push on the power button, making the screen turn black. "Who does he think he is!" I say to no one in particular. Taylor reminds quiet, the light turning green, she presses on the gas pedal making the jeep move forward. "Like seriously. I don't hear from him in what..two days? And
he thinks he can just text me like everything is peachy keen?" I huff, "I don't think so."
"Are you going to respond?"
"Yeah." I swipe open my phone, "I'm gonna tell him to go to hell."
Tay laughs lightly, "Calm down."
"Stupid. He's stupid." I continue ranting.
"Yeah, stupid over you."
"Isn't that a song?"
"Stuucckkk on sttuppiiddd for yyoouu." We both burst out singing, then laugh so hard.
"Oh my gawd. I needed that." I say wiping away the tears from my eyes, then grab the phone from my lap to send him a response.
Me: No.
I place it back in my lap.
"What did you say back?" Tay asks making a turn onto my street.
"I told him no."
"Really?" she asks shocked.
My phone pings, and I'm actually surprised he responded so quickly. My heart rate has kicked up.

McSwoony: Yes. I will be there at 8 to take you to school, we need to talk.

He's not leaving it up for discussion, this I can tell. 

I sigh, "He wants to talk." I tell Tay then look at her, "Should I talk to him?"

She smirks, "Well do you want to talk to him?"

"No." I do some kind of huff sigh, "Yes. Kinda of?"

"You do." she confirms.

"I do. I just don't wanna be this yo-yo. He either wants me or he doesn't yanno?"

She pulls into my driveway, "Then you tell him that!" Instead of pulling up to the front, she parks towards the garages. Her phone lights up in the cup holder, she glances down, "It's probably Jer." and grabs it from the console. I watch her unlock her phone, a small smile playing on her lips when she reads whatever's on her screen, "oh gurrrlll...he really wants to talk to you." She flips her phone my way, and I grab it from her hand whether she intended me to or not.

Chase: Do not pick her up tomorrow.

"Oh my gosh!" I say handing her the phone back, eyes wide. She doesn't even hesitate, her fingers moving over her phone, "What are you saying!?" I lean over the center console to peek at her screen, but I can't really see the messages, I sit back in the seat.

"I'm not gonna make it easy for him." she smiles at me, "Let's see what he says first."

"Oh no." I laugh, covering my face with my hands. Her ringtone chimes, and I uncover my face to watch her reaction.

"Ohhh he's good."

"What! What? What is going on!" I lean over again but she pulls the phone away. "Why are you doing this to me?"

This goes on for another minute, her fingers moving and the phone pinging, I'm biting my fingers nails to the quick. My nerves are eating at me. There's a tap on my arm, I swing my gaze to Taylor's face, she smiles and hands her phone over with a shrug, "He's picking you up." I take the phone from her hands and take a deep breath before reading their conversation.

Taylor: I don't think she wants you to.

Chase: Taylor, you will not pick her up tomorrow.

Taylor: Or what?

Chase: I don't want to play dirty with you, but I will.

Taylor: Hasn't Jer told you? I like to play dirty.

That makes me laugh, "Oh my gosh Tay!" but I don't look at her, I keep reading.

Chase: Not going there. I think it would be quite difficult to pick her up in a missing vehicle.

Taylor: And how in the world would you manage that?

Chase: It's a secret, one I doubt you want to mess with ;)

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