Chapter Five: 2 truths and a lie

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Chapter Five:

"2 Truths and a Lie"

"So let me get this straight?! Another art piece has gone missing, a partial finger print was found, it didn't match anyone in the database, and now Interpol wants me to somehow get a finger print for all of my friends so they can compare them?" Kaylyn asks as she's trying to process everything the agency has sent me to relay to her. "Ramirez, how in the hell am I suppose to do that?!" she asks me as sits back and drinks her wine, the room goes silent for a moment. A woman like Kay is someone who is nearly impossible to comfort. She hates being touched, hugs, handshakes, and touching will immediately put her guard up. Yet, she is human and has real emotions, so obviously this is over whelming, unless you're one of her sisters, the emotional side of her is a definite no fly zone.

I know that she loves reading, and it always helps to calm her down, "You only have to get 3 fingerprints total. Thanks to a protest you organized and were arrested for, we already have 2 fingerprints on file." I say as I walk over to her fireplace and start a fire. She has central heat, but the fire always seems to calm her. She grabs a blanket from the side of her couch and says, "In my defense, that restaurant and their owners totally deserved it." I laugh as I make my way back to my seat, and say, "As true as that may have been, you worked there!" For as long as I've known her, she always keeps the book she's currently reading on a table by the couch clearly marked. So I pick it up and say, "I'm not going to lose your place!" Before she begins to protest, I start to read from the top of the page, out loud. "You don't have to do this." she says in a voice that's so soft, it's barely a whisper. I continue to read and she begins to relax. She lies down on the couch, and her eyes begin to close. It's in these moments that I begin to see the real Kaylyn, and not the hiding behind guarded eyes.

"Once I think she's actually asleep, I will leave her to rest, she's had a long day." that's when I hear a strange sound. In between the crackling of the fire and noises from the wind blowing outside, I hear a strange sound. At the exact moment I am sure it's footsteps, Kaylyn without moving too much, moves the blanket to show me that she has her gun in hand. I continue to read aloud, and she continues to pretend to be asleep, and that's when I see a shadow move across the room. I can see the reflection of a person in all black walking slowly toward us in picture on the wall directly in front of me. I can see that they have their gun held out in front of them. Once the person gets close enough behind me, I take the book and wrap it around the gun while, and thrust it out of their hands and across the room with the book. Simultaneously, Kaylyn jumps off of the couch to a standing position with the gun steadily pointed at the person yelling, "Freeze sucka!" I'm trying not to laugh as I move around the chair and behind the person, I wrap one arm around their throat, and remove their mask with the other hand. I am hoping with everything inside of me that this is not one of her sisters. The look that shoots across Kaylyn's face tells me that she knows the person. The fact that she's still standing and not an emotional wreck tells me that this isn't one of her sisters but that she definitely knows the person.

I push the woman to the dining room and sit her one of the bar chairs, Kaylyn runs through the dining room into the kitchen. I can hear her open and close a couple of drawers and then I see her return with a roll of duct tape. She hands the tape to me and I begin to tape her wrists to the chair. Kaylyn empties out her pockets, and checks her for a wire and tracking devices. Once we see the woman isn't wired, Kaylyn and I simultaneously say, "What the hell is going on here?" I'm looking at Kaylyn, but she's looking at the woman. Kaylyn holds up a hand and says to the woman, "I'll get to you in a minute." As she storms off to the bedroom she mutters, "Ramirez!" and I follow her to the room. She leaves the door open to keep eyes on the woman through the mirror at the end of the hallway, and that's when I realize why she has the mirror placed there. I think back to the placement of the picture and look around the apartment. Every inch of every room is reflected somehow, this was very carefully thought out. She was expecting this, she knew this day would come.

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