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Hi everyone and thanks for clicking on my story! I really appreciate it.

Before we get started, I'm a Belgian girl (Hanne) and my native language is Dutch, not English. I'm obsessed with The Maze Runner (espicially TBS ♥) and I decided to write a fanfic on it in English to challenge myself so don't correct all my spelling mistakes please! Enjoy the story ;)

A new chapter will be published very frequently as I've almost finished the story already. There will be around 80-100 chapters I think ;)

 This is what the story is about:

Hannah arrives at The Glade. Her past has been erased from her memory and now she's stuck in an odd place filled with mostly boys. She has a hard time adjusting and not everyone is that fond of her. Newt is. And she quite likes him as well. But that road isn't as easy as it seamed at first. The amount of drama that she causes and gets tangled up in is unreal. Will she manage to get her new life on the rales and break free of the iron arms of the maze?

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