Whitney had still not gotten over the loss of the beautiful blonde everyone knew as Draco. Though it had been several years -almost 12- since she had seen him she still was obsessed. She was determined to get him as hers, to marry him and to spend the rest of her life with him. Because of this obsession she had done several things, one being she legally had her last name changed to Malfoy, she was now Whitney Malfoy. Also to change things up a bit she got a make over and wound up with black hair. Today Whitney was out shopping for a evening dress to wear to the Malfoys dinner party. She wasn't originally invited but one of their friends asked her to be his 'plus one'.

3 hours later Whitney was stood beside her date outside the Malfoy Manor. She was without a doubt stunning and every male that saw her agreed, all the males but Draco himself who had eyes only for his beautiful wife and their three children.

Inside the home they sat around the dinner table, Whitney kept batting eyes in Draco's direction but he didn't acknowledge it. This frustrated her terribly. Hermione stood up and rose her glass.

"I'd like to make an announcement." She spoke as she clinked the fine china.

Everyone quieted and looked down towards the head of the table where the Malfoy family sat.

"I just recently found out that the Malfoy family will be welcoming another little member."

Draco smiled before quickly standing and bringing his wife into a kiss before she was able to drink her non -alchohlic beverage -her ginger ale.

"So this is the news you were excited to tell me about" Draco beamed. Hermione nodded her head.

"I hope you don't mind"

"Why would I, the more the merrier" he laughed.

This was the breaking point for Whitney, all hope felt lost. Getting to her feet she walked from the room towards the foyer where she took a seat on the steps. Five minutes later she was joined by another person.

"Hey, I'm Pansy Parkinson."

"Ah, nice to meet you, you're with the tall gangly fellow, what is his name?"

"We all call him Zabini but his name is Blaise." Parkinson replied.

"Oh thats an interesting name, how long have you two been together?"

"We aren't Blaise let me be his friendly date for the night since he didn't want to go alone. I am just here to get the latest news on my ex"

Whitney looked from Pansy towards the room where Draco was eating and back. "You two dated?"

Pansy nodded her head. "Yeah in school then he broke up with me. I'm over him though, I got engaged yesterday" Pansy added flashing her ring.

Whitney frowned. "To who?"

"His cousin, his aunt Bella had a son a few years older then Draco. Weird though because I never heard of him until we met while I was visiting my youngest brother at Durmstrang, he is the Dark Arts Professor." Pansy finished.

"Who? What? Where?" Whitney replied.

"You honestly can't tell me that a witch like yourself doesn't know about Drumstrang?" Pansy replied.

Whitney was a bit taken back by these words. "What did you just call me?"

"Wait so you aren't a witch?" Whitney shook her head. "Oh now this is getting good. Surely you must know Draco is a wizard?"

Whitney shook her head yet again. "I don't know what you are talking about, I just know that the man in there I have loved for the past 12 years and I just lost my last chance to get him back."

Pansy's eyes lit up. "Not entirely. See in the wizarding world there are things called love potions. I can help you slip a love potion to Draco and he will be all yours."

Whitney looked at Pansy like she was crazy. "Okay, lets just say these love potions exist-"

"-They do exist." Pansy cut off

"-Lets just say they exist, you are telling me he will be in love with me?" Pansy nodded her head, an evil smile splattered across her face. "Why are you helping me if you loved him?" Whitney asked.

"Because, I hate the fact he chose Hermione over me, but I am happy now or I would do it myself. You apparently have a thing for him so why not kill two birds with one curse right?"

Pansy and Whitney got up and slipped away from the party. The rest of the guests, including Draco himself were going to soon be in for a surprise.

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