Chapter Two

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Bill wasn't sure what exactly his plans were with the painting, but he certainly knew that he could not leave it behind, especially upon his discovery that it was a magical painting

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Bill wasn't sure what exactly his plans were with the painting, but he certainly knew that he could not leave it behind, especially upon his discovery that it was a magical painting. It would be considered cruel to allow the painting to just sit there in the darkness in the horrible condition of the shack. Even though the woman, who he had learned was named Astrid Perrot was more than shy, he didn't like the idea of leaving her behind. There was something that was mesmerizing about the silent gaze that followed him every time he spoke and tried to coax her to speak with him.

"You're actually taking that thing with you? I thought you said it was a silly painting?" Donald asked in surprised when Bill came walking out of the shack with the painting under his arm. The trip to find the missing goblet had been unsuccessful, but to Bill, the trip had become worth it by the end of it all.  He was more than curious and wanted to figure out why the painting was so different from the rest of moving portraits he had come across in his lifetime. Back during his time in Hogwarts, mainly from the portrait themselves, he learned that the people inside the portraits were capable of moving about freely from portrait to portrait.

Not only that, but the paintings were supposed to keep the mannerisms and demeanour of the person, even after the subject passed away. Much like the paintings in Hogwarts, the level of interaction the portraits had, heavily relied on how powerful the witch or wizard was. Which was why many of the Headmaster and Headmistress portraits were able to carry small conversations, unlike other paintings in the castle who would shout out only certain phrases. 

They were only supposed to be representations of their living entities, carrying on a two-dimensional version of that person and nothing more.

However, from what Bill saw of Astrid, there was something far more complex about the woman in the photo. She continuously hid away in the portrait, especially when one of the other Curse-Breakers came around. Bill couldn't understand why someone would have painted such a shy person, only to have the painting hide repeatedly.  Revealing her name at the bottom of the portrait, the name Astrid Perrot didn't sound very familiar and it was rare that a witch or wizard was painted if they held little importance to the wizarding world. 

It took a decent amount of time for an artist to complete one portrait, some would spend years. Mainly due to all the enchantments that were placed on the portrait to keep the person moving about and then trying to capture the personality of the person being painted was a whole other task.

Bill wanted to learn more about Astrid but to do so, he was going to have to bring the painting along, which of course, raised suspicion among his peers. For all they saw, was a painting of a bed and a chair.

"I'm just curious about it, Donald, that's all. Besides, it's not like it's of any value to anyone here or Gringotts. I doubt anyone will be missing it."

Returning to Egypt with disappointing news, Bill was just thankful he wasn't the one who had to inform the Gringotts officials of their failure. They were certain that the goblet was there, but the Curse-Breakers had turned the shack upside down and inside out searching for it. They were simply just going to have to deal with the fact that it was no longer in the shack as they suspected. Arriving home to his small place, Bill exhaustively walked into his flat and placed his belongings down before letting out a tired yawn. Despite apparating, it was a long trip and the searching had done a number on him.

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