SS1 ~ Sweet Dreams

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[If you know this song, you could probably tell where this is going.]
Beyoncé || Sweet Dreams {2009}

Here she was again. Waiting for him to show up again. He's never late, especially when he knows that she will come to see him every night. It's been like this for years now. She knows that she needs to stop this charade but she has put her all in him and letting go of him now would be ridiculous and selfish. She thinks about him constantly or at least she used to.

She wakes up everyday thinking about when she'll be able to see him at night. When she'll be able to talk to him at night. When she'll be able to hold him at night. At first being able to meet him at night was something she used to cop a feel with then later it was something that she needed and yearned for throughout her daily activities, you would think that it'd be a hassle for her after all this time but no.

Even though he asked her, multiple times, whether she decided to move on or not. And she knew she blew the whole thing out of proportion but she felt as if he was growing tired of her... like she had somehow over stayed her welcome.

"Darling, don't you think it's time to move on from this ordeal? I mean, this can't go on forever and I will not allow you to keep living this life of staying on autopilot until you see me again." He looked down at her with his black eyes that used to pierce her very soul when they were blue.

"Move on? What do you mean, "move on"?" Of course she knew what he meant but the denial was too strong.

"Though you ask that question, I believe you know exactly what mean, Swan. You have a whole life waiting for you. I'm not in your life anymore and you have to accept that, whether you like it or not. I have."

"But... I can't. This... is hard for me. This has... always been hard for me. And you know this."

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