Red. Harry and I shoot up as the blaring alarms around us go off. We quickly put our clothes back on and go into full on alert mode. I silently reach under the hospital bed and pull out two guns and four razor sharp blades.

      I hand Harry a gun and 2 of the deadly knives, while tucking my own into the waistband of my jeans. Harry and I give each other a silent nod as we head out. I peer around the corner to see that the coast was clear. The blaring sirens gave the eerie silence a spine shivering chill.

      “We have to find Zayn and get him out of here,” whispers Harry from behind. I nod my head and motion for him to follow me.

  As I turn the corner I run into a body. Harry immediately pushes me behind him and holds the gun to the strangers head.

 “Harry wait!” I shout. Harry freezes and gives me a questioning look. 

 “I know him. He’s one of us.”

 I step in front of Harry to examine the young blonde boy. He has piercing blue eyes and a mischievous yet playful face, but given the training of a spy, he had the body of a man, built well and strong. His cheekbones are prominent as he glares at Harry. From this angle I could see bits of brown roots peeking out under his bleached quiff. He looked very familiar… 

“Niall! I haven’t seen you in ages! Do you remember me? We used to be best friends when we were little!” I fling my arms around him and bring him into a tight bear hug. Niall stays tense at first but he soon relaxes and hugs me back. 

“How could I forget you? You were the light of my life,” laughs Niall. Niall has the most sincere and carefree laugh in the world, and I couldn’t help but smile along with him.

 Harry coughs abruptly, forcing Niall and I to separate. 

 “Harry, this is Niall my best friend. Niall this is Harry, my boyfriend.” I awkwardly introduce the two. Harry sticks his hand out, but Niall just scowls at it. I nudge him gently. Reluctantly, Niall shakes Harry’s hand.

“Right, now Niall, do you know where Zayn is?” Harry asks, breaking the awkward silence.

“He’s probably in the emergency command center” replies Niall.

 Harry and I both exchange glances confirming that we were on the same page. 

“Niall take us to the command room. We need to keep Zayn Safe. He’s the one Monroe is after and I’m pretty sure it was Monroe who set the alarms off.” I plead with my eyes trying to persuade Niall to guide us.

He sighs and walks down the corridor. “Yeh comin’ er what?”

Harry and I laugh at each other and quickly follow behind him.


“He’s quite the lad isn’t he?” asks Harry with a look of jealousy in his eyes. I smirk at him and decide to tease him.

“Yes he is, and those hands are useful for more than just shooting a gun.” I say with a wink. I run to catch up with Niall leaving Harry to walk a little behind us. Niall looks at me and smiles, “Are you going to let him know that we’re just friends?”

I take a quick glance at Harry who is staring daggers at the back of Niall’s head, “I think I’ll keep him on his toes for a bit.”

 The three of us stop at a corner and peek our heads around the wall. I pull Niall and Harry back.

 “Okay there’s 5 members of Monroe’s militia around that corner. Harry you get the two on the left. Niall and I will take down the three on the right. Got it?” I look into both of their eyes making sure they understood. Harry looks at Niall then looks to me.

“Why can’t I help you with the other guards? Why does he get to do it?”

I roll my eyes, “Fine Harry you can help me, Niall you’ve got the two on the left.”

Niall just laughs at our exchange and nods. I wave my hand motioning for them to go.

 Within seconds the guards are down and the three of us continue to run down the long maze-like corridors. I look to my right and take a quick peek at Niall. I have to say puberty has done him quite well, I’m more then positive that he gets a plethora of female attention.

 Then, I turn to my left. Harry is staring straight ahead giving me a nice view of those cheekbones that I love so much. Harry and I have had an on and off relationship over the past few years. I’ve been with other guys but none of them make me feel like he does. Even if he does the slightest thing I get butterflies in my stomach, and my heart beats faster. And dear god, those lips-

“Stop.” Says Niall as he pushes me back behind a heavy metal container. I tug on Harry’s sleeve to get him to crouch down next to me. Niall peers over the container and leans back down. “I see Zayn, he’s behind those glass doors. But Monroe is in there with him. He knows we’re coming, I can feel it. It’s a trap. We need another way in without making a mess with the guards outside.”

  Quickly the three of us start brainstorming ideas when my eyes land on a small air duct next to Niall. Harry follows my gaze and immediately says, “No.”

 “Harry I’m the only one who can fit. You and Niall can stay out here and guide me if you’d like.”

Niall puts his hand on my shoulder giving me a reassuring squeeze, “I’ve got your back and I believe you can do this.”

 Harry glares at Niall before kissing me and says, “I KNOW you can do this.”  I roll my eyes at Harry’s annoying (yet completely adorable) possessiveness.

“Alright I’m ready to go in,” I say.

 Niall nods and breaks open the small hatch. Harry pulls out his ‘phone’ and gets a map of the air duct systems so he can guide me through them. I figure if I’m gonna die, might as well tease Harry a little before I go. So, I squeeze Niall into a tight hug and say, “I’ll be fine, since I’ve got the luck of the Irish on my side.”

I kiss Niall’s cheek, not daring to look at Harry, and squeeze through the entrance of the vent.


 She kisses Niall on the cheek and disappears through the air duct. I look at Niall who adorns a prominent smirk on his face.

“What are you looking at Styles?” he asks.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“THAT. She kissed you!”

“Exactly. SHE kissed ME. What am I supposed to do about it?”

“I don’t know! Tell her not too?!?!”

Before Niall could respond my devious little girlfriend chimes in from the ducts, “Yeah umm guys I can hear everything you’re saying, so keep your arguing to yourselves. And Harry, be a doll and tell me where to turn next yeah?”

I sigh, look at Niall, then tell the love of my life to turn left. 

After about 5 minutes of saying “Right” and “Left” I aanounce the last turn so then Dawn could drop into the room where Zayn was being held. “Okay babe, turn right and you’ll see a screen under you, open it and you’ll be directly above Monroe. Good luck sweetie, you can do it.”

 Niall stands up so he can see what is going on in the room. I sit there and cross my fingers hoping that my baby will be okay.

That’s when I hear a bloodcurdling scream come from the room, and my heart drops.

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